Admission to the Grande École

Admission and recruitment for the Master’s level training for Internet-related jobs at the Grande École.


To apply for a Master in Digital Leadership at Hetic, the participant must have passed 10+2 examination in any field from a recognized board OR a course recognized as equivalent by the University

Requisite Qualifications

In theory, all qualifications are compatible for admission to HETIC. A Class 12 student from Arts stream will have as much chance as a Class 12 student from Science or Commerce stream.

Are high-school diplomas in Science, Technology or Management accepted?

Yes. Professional and technical diplomas can apply to HETIC. The diversity of academic background adds to the richness of our classes.

Can I get admission to HETIC after a MTC DUT (SRC)?

It is indeed possible. You can usually enter the 3rd year or the 2nd year after a MTC DUT (SRC) according to your level that will be established during your admission day.

Can I enter HETIC after a business school or engineering school?

Yes. You join the training at the Grande École after your course from a business or engineering school. You can also join directly in the 3rd, 4th or 5th year depending on your profile and your technical skills.

Are parallel admissions possible?

Absolutely. You can join HETIC directly in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th year, depending on your academic background, your experiences, your skills and your profile. The interview during your admission day will allow the jury to take a decision on this.

Entries for the beginning of 2017 are open!

If you want to join one of our programs from the beginning of 2017, please note that enrolments are now open! To ensure that your application is the first to reach us, or maybe even the first to be approved for enrolment, contact us via this short form.


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