5-year Integrated Master in Digital Leadership Program

Year 4: Perfect your knowledge and build expertise in Internet professions through projects

5-year Integrated Master in Digital Leadership Program

Each year is considered to be a step that takes you to the core of the business right from the 1st year after 10+2. During the first 2 years, you learn the basics of the technical and theoretical foundations that are essential for any future web manager. They are further expounded in the 3rd year, so that your expertise can be further developed in the 4th year. Finally, innovation and entrepreneurship are put into practice in the 5th year.

Course Curriculum - 4th Year

    • Mobile development
    • 3D integration and internet (webGL) 
    • Experiential week 
    • Mobile marketing 
    • Professional English 
    • Generative design 
    • Ruby on Rails 
    • Mobile week 
    • Mobile analytics 
    • Brand strategy on YouTube 
    • Project review 
    • UX prototyping 
    • Short film-making weeks
    • Commerce mutation 
    • Development environment
    • Digital analytics and practice 
    • Motion design 
    • ICT law 
    • Technical project management 
    • 3D and internet (unity) 
    • Methodology, process and design
    • Media mutation 
    • Criticism of the real and the imaginary 
    • 3D and internet (usage and offer) 
    • Big data and open data
    • Proximity marketing
    • Traffic acquisition 
    • Google Online Marketing Challenge 
    • Gamification strategy and tools 
    • The internet 
    • IT security 
    • Strategic design 
    • Advanced development
    • Advanced mobile 
    • Simulation week
    • Advanced marketing
    • Advanced acquisition 
    • Start up weeks 
    • Advanced design
    • Advanced motion design