10 Effective modern fonts for impactful communication

10 Effective free modern fonts

Fonts play a crucial role when it comes to create a wide range of text-based designs. Until recently, high quality fonts were not feasible for many businesses and designers because of the high cost attached to them. Now, a many of such unique fonts are available either free or at a nominal price making it convenient for designers to produce quality work without hassle.

Here’s a list of 10 efficient fronts that you can use for impactful communication for your business growth or simply attract your target audience.

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1. T Antiophie — Script Font

T Antiophie is a script font that can be used for book covers, headers, titles, logos, and many other works.

2. Shella — Brush Font

Shella is a brush font that comes with three different typefaces. This is one of the ideal free fonts to create hand brushed designs for decorative web pages and print graphics.

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3. Odachi — Brush Font

Odachi is a free brush font that gives a touch of roughness to a design. This font can be used for commercial and personal purpose.

4. Potra — Futuristic Style

Potra is a perfect choice for futuristic designs. This font can be used for website headers, social media posts, T-shirts etc.

5. Milea -Handwritten Brush Font

Milea is a brush font that can be used for creating a natural handwritten style. This font good for designing book covers, wedding invitations, blogs, and website designs.

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6. Railey — Handwritten Font

Railey is known as a high-quality handwritten script font used by designers to give a touch of an informal environment in a design and to make it look friendly in greeting cards and other personal projects.

7. Tahu –Script Font

Tahu is one of the most sought-after fonts for minimalist styles.  This font can be used in social posts as well as in website headers.

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8. Machineat — Script Font

Machineat font is a brush style script font. This is ideal for vintage designs to give a touch of elegance and uniqueness.

9. Badriyah -Script Font

Badriyah font is considered a perfect font for adding elegance to a design. This font is usually used to design logotypes, product tags, business cards etc.

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10. MADE Evolve — Sans Serif Font

This font is a combination of futuristic and geometric elements to create modern designs. With its ten unique styles, MADE Evolve is a Headline type font that can be used on any device such as PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

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