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HETIC, School of Digital Leadership

Disrupting the digital future today with HETIC. Explore our programs – BMS in Digital Business & MBA in Digital Business. Today, a company’s success is determined by its online presence. As a result, digital business is one of the most rapidly rising and in-demand modern industries. Our BMS in Digital Business and MBA in Digital…

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Big Data

Transforming the media and entertainment landscape with Big Data

Gone are the days when the media and entertainment industry had to read into the TV ratings and blockbuster charts to check their success rate. Competent data analytics capabilities are used to get the best results. The media and entertainment industry thrives on the profits produced through end-users, or more specifically, customers. With growing digitization…

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Digital Marketing

Emerging digital technology trends of the future

The world has moved to meet the demands of a new reality over the last 18 months, bringing with it a slew of unanticipated technological advancements. Are these developments, however, merely a byproduct of the pandemic, or are they here to stay? Artificial intelligence, e-commerce, and the Internet of Things had already established themselves on…

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Emotion AI

The future of artificial intelligence – Emotion AI

The ability to feel many forms of ideas, expressions and sensations is a crucial quality of intelligent beings such as humans. Emotion is a vital component of the lives of biological creatures like animals and humans. The state of our existence might be jeopardized if we didn’t have emotion. We would most likely be threatened…

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Digital Marketing

Top 5 inspirational digital marketing campaigns

Digital marketing campaigns are one of the most effective methods to contact potential customers at scale – but they’re expensive and time-consuming to create, and there’s no assurance that they’ll pay off. A digital marketing campaign is an online strategy aimed at generating engagement, traffic, and conversions while promoting a company’s product or service. It…

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