Pre Semester workshop 2021

Orientation Program for Batch 2021-24

The orientation program of BMS in Digital Business is an engaging and learning-oriented expansive program spanned across 3 weeks. This Pre Semester Workshop encompasses various programs mapped against the SAGE Model (Socializing, Associating, Governing, and Experiencing) and K-D-B Framework (Knowing, Doing, and Being). During the Orientation Program, our BMS students will have an immersive learning…

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The AI-ML Game Plan

Social Media Addiction: The AI-ML Game Plan

Have you ever looked at yourself and thought why you spend half of your day scrolling through your social media pages, despite having work till your neck; work that actually matters to you? Also Read: Career Opportunities After An MBA In Digital Business   Have you ever found yourself in state of panic looking for…

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Digital Disruption

How will Digital Disruption impact your career?

The impact of new digital technology and business models on established goods, services, systems, and structures is called digital disruption. Of course, this transformation does not occur overnight, but it is fair to argue that the impact of digital technology is growing at an exponential rate. The way streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu…

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Digitally personalizing the brand experience

Consumers and organizations alike are discovering products and services through digital channels more significantly than ever before. They are introduced to the company and its consequences, make online purchases, receive online support, and make additional after-sale purchases via digital channels. However, far too few businesses have properly reconfigured themselves to react to these digital-first clients….

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Career opportunities after an MBA in Digital Business

Gaining the right job experience and landing their first jobs are common stumbling points for recent graduates.  Fortunately, HETIC’s recently launched new-age transformational program, MBA in Digital Business, will propel your career and equip you to disrupt the digital future today. Strong technological acumen is a highly desirable business skill in today’s world, with CEOs looking for people…

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