Digital Marketing

Promising careers in digital marketing & UI/UX

Digital Marketing & UI/UX is a promising industry with rapid career growth. Digital marketing in short is the marketing of one’s products, ideas or services through digital channels and mediums. Since the Covid-19 crisis pandemic hit the world, digital marketing was adopted by companies as one of the most effective ways to conduct marketing campaigns…

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Cutting edge technologies

Pre Semester Workshop on Cutting-edge Technologies in Business

The Pre Semester Workshop on Cutting-edge Technologies in Business challenged students to brainstorm the trending business solutions and their impact on a bandwidth of scenarios. Dr. Sasishar, Assistant Professor, HETIC, remarked on how students could enhance their skillsets, further adding, “Nowadays, there is a vast development in technology, technological devices, and techniques. Artificial Intelligence, Machine…

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Hetic India

11 month advanced integrated program in emerging technologies

HETIC India is excited to introduce 11 month advanced integrated program in Emerging Technologies – AI | ML | Cloud Computing | IOT | AR & VR . According to World Economic Forum’s report, by 2022 AI-enabled automation will create 133 million new jobs globally. Considering the increasing demand, his program has been exclusively designed…

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Hetic India

Careers opportunities in emerging technologies

Every element of our lives is being influenced by technology, and the development sector is no different. Devex revealed in a recent analysis that several technologies are projected to have the most significant impact on the industry in the following years. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data analytics, and cloud computing rapidly increased over the…

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Hetic India

Workshop on Mental Health Awareness

Mental health issues can significantly affect students’ relationships with friends and family members and their quality of life, academic accomplishment, physical health, and satisfaction with their college experience. While the world rejoices in discovering life-saving vaccines for diseases that have claimed countless lives, a new broad-spectrum ailment has already grabbed center stage. Keeping this in…

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Robots: Evolution Of Machines To Mimic Human Intelligence

Autonomous machines or robots are being used across industries all over the world. Robots were created with an idea of performing the functions of a human mind. This idea even carved ways for many philosophical arguments. Although robots are capable of simulating human mind to some extent, they are not capable of feeling any emotion…

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Impact of Industry 2.0 on business model innovation

Business model innovation has become an effective method to business innovation due to its importance for corporate strategy and, as a result, firm success. Even long-established firms are beginning to learn that business models do not always ensure effective performance in the face of rapid environmental dynamics and challenging market conditions. On the other hand,…

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Decision making

Pre Semester Orientation program on Decision Making

Making a critical decision can be a tricky thing to do. Making wise decisions is considered to be a leadership trait! Our Pre Semester Workshop on Decision Making conducted by Sunil Kshatri, a Leadership coach, challenged students to explore the context of decision-making and provide valuable skills for future choices. The program empowered participants to…

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Augmented Reality

Role Of Augmented Reality In Digital Transformation

In 1992, a new form of technology was developed for the U.S Air Force. This new technology blended aspects of the digital world with the real world for different sensory experiences. This new technology, now referred to as “Augmented Reality”, also known as AR became more popular and widespread as organizations began adopting it for…

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