Hetic's Technology pioneers

HETIC’s Technology Pioneers!

Dr. Arun Khatri, our star HOD at HETIC, French School of Digital Leadership, is a pioneer in the field of Fintech and Digital Transformations. We are incredibly proud of his research paper on Systematic Literature Review on Blockchain Adoption in Banking, published by PressAcademia. Dr. Arun Khatri shared a few words with us on his…

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Blockchain adoption in banking


The blockchain is one of the world’s leading and disruptive technology for digital assets. We are using new technology to build a better financial system. The term “Blockchain Technology” typically refers to the clear, trusted, the in public accessible ledger that allows us to securely transfer the possession of unit’s important exploitation public key encryption…

Hybrid workplace model

Hybrid Workplace Model : Pros & Cons

Considering the severity of Covid19 pandemic, Hybrid work model is expected to be a new normal, going forward. To make a successful back-to-work transition, it is crucial for organizations to know the pros and cons of this model. Before going further, let us know what a hybrid workplace model is. Also Read: Robots: Evolution Of…

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Hetic India

Pre Semester Workshop on Technology Trends

The Pre-Semester Workshop on Technology Trends by Azka, Assistant Professor, HETIC, helped students understand the shift in the current job market with the advent of Digital Transformation. Azka stressed the importance of learning the latest technology business and design trends of 2021. HETIC’s new-age transformational program in BMS in Digital Business helps students become industry-ready…

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Hetic India

Role of AR/VR in transforming education

Augmented reality aka AR and Virtual Reality aka VR can add real value to the learning process.  In the last decade, these extended reality technologies have created ripples in the education sector. With the help of AR/VR, it has become possible for students as well as teachers to visualize concepts and adapt to new skills…

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Mindful for wellbeing

Pre Semester Workshop on Mindfulness for Wellbeing

Are you feeling drained by the fast pace of modern life? Mindfulness could be the solution. According to research, when you’re not intentionally paying attention to anything, your brain switches to default mode, creating anxiety and poor communication. Mindfulness can aid in the cessation of this counterproductive behavior. Many people can benefit from mindfulness exercises…

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Acing a data science interview

Acing a data science interview

If you are preparing for an upcoming data science interview or wondering how to prepare for one, this data science interview preparation guide will be of your help. A data scientist is an expert, who gathers and analyzes structured aa well as unstructured data for organizations. Data scientists are also called data wranglers. They process,…

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Character building Capabilities

Pre Semester Workshop on Character Building Capabilities

One of the most prized qualities is character. Character refers to how a person develops self-awareness and behaviors like empathy, honesty, and accountability within the communities in which they work. Establishing a sense of character is one of the most crucial aspects of leadership since it defines who you are at your core, and you…

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