Protection against identity

Advanced Tips For Protection Against Identity Theft In The Big Data Era

Identity theft happens when someone uses one’s sensitive data to pose as the person illegally, usually to extract money. Identity thieves may drain bank and investment accounts, open new credit lines, get utility service, steal tax refund, use insurance information to get medical treatments, or give police the stolen name and address when they are arrested….

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Digital Professionals

Top 10 hashtags for digital professionals

A hashtag is a word or phrase that is preceded by the pound symbol or the hash sign. On social media, hashtag indicates that certain content attached to it relates to a specific topic or a category. Hashtags help make content easily discoverable on platform searches and reach target people. Also Read: Systematic Review On Blockchain Adoption…

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Blockchain Adoption in banking

 Systematic  review on blockchain adoption in banking- Chapter 2

In Gandhi, Rupali, et. al (2019), a comparison of the current banking system and the proposed system based on the blockchain technology was carried on to study the feasibility of blockchain technology in the banking system. The real time execution of the banking based on blockchain is to be studied further and remains a challenge…

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Role of Behavioral Science in Digital Space

Role of behavioural science in digital space for impactful branding

Behavioural Science influences our decision-making on everything right from visual design to messaging and technology. It is an umbrella term given to a wide number of fields that study how human behavior impacts a person’s thoughts and decisions. While there are many ways through which brands use behavioral science to understand their audience, online surveys…

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