Shark tank India

Emerging tech proposals pitched at Shark Tank India

Shark Tank is a hit reality TV series from the west that holds entrepreneurship close to its core. If you think you are the next up and coming entrepreneurial genius, get ready to swim with some sharks. Not literally, the sharks here are celebrated businessmen and women who have achieved great success in their business…

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Hetic India

Quotes Series

Bill Gates’ net worth is estimated to be $133 billion as of January 13, 2021. He amassed the majority of his wealth as Microsoft’s CEO, chair, and chief software architect (MSFT). Although Gates stepped down as chairman in 2014, he still owns 1.34 percent of the enterprise he co-founded.

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Elon Musk Effect

The Elon Musk Effect: Transforming the world with tech innovations

Do you ever wonder if there is anything Elon Musk cannot do? Coined as a visionary and futuristic entrepreneur with a charismatic personality, Elon Musk has paved his own path to be a successful business man over the past few decades, with some of the most prominent, impactful and innovative companies under his leadership.  Coming…

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Data Science

How Data Science optimizes Digital marketing? A recipe for success. 

  The past decade of emerging technologies has evolved the way we think of marketing and data collection. Innovative disruption all across sectors is widely based on data and its analysis to reach the potential customer base. Changing global markets, pandemic and wars have all heavily relied on data analytics for taking crucial decisions regarding…

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5 Shows On OTT

5 shows on OTT exploring the magnetic world of Tech

Did you know the internet is more than 30 year old? Over these 3 decades our lives have been revolutionized with technology. Emerging technologies and wide spread digital and social media have inspired the entertainment sector to produce thrillers, dystopian storylines and documentaries. These movies, shows or documentaries reflect how tech has impacted our daily…

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Hetic India

Quotes series

Aristotle was a Greek philosopher and polymath who lived during the Classical period in Ancient Greece. Check out one of his inspirational quotes.

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Coockie Less

The Future of Cookieless & AI-Powered World

Cookies are text files containing a string of letters and numbers that carry small amounts of information. This file is downloaded from a website and saved in the user’s browser before returning to the same website. Cookies deliver various types of information from the user’s browser to the website he is visiting. However, there is…

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