Rules and Regulations for Hetic Tech Hackathon

Rules and Regulations of HETIC HACKATHON 2022 Registration for HACKATHON 2022 Registration of teams must be done by a Team Leader only. The registration process is simple. All you need to do is… Visit Fill in all the required details. Don’t forget to click ‘Submit’’ You have been successfully registered. Team Formation Rules •…

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All you need to know about Instagram’s subscription feature

Subscription feature by Instagram is a new addition to the brands existing list of features on the social media application that allows the users to monetize content. Content creators can monetize this by placing content behind a monthly subscription/ paywall. This feature came in at a time when TikTok has been a major competition for…

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International Hackathon – 10th Dec 2022. The bug stops here… Organised by HETIC, School of Digital Leadership Register for the event now   About HETIC Hetic is the French School of Digital Leadership Ranked #1 Web School by Le Figaro, the oldest french national daily Built over 15 years into a top digital business school…


Indian women lead start-ups that turned into unicorns

To break the glass ceiling has not been easy but these women are setting all the right examples for their future generations to follow and lead. Women have been leading and growing exponentially over the past few decades and stepping into leading roles changing the entire gamut of business operations and increasing revenues. The start-up…

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What are Elon Musk’s plans for Twitter

Since the news broke out a couple of weeks ago confirming Elon Musk taking over Twitter, there have been numerous talks taking rounds on what lies ahead for the social media platform that has been one strong channel of voice for millions. While we have all heard the news of Elon Musk takeover leading to…

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Unboxing Ikea’s digital transformation in global retail

IKEA is a global retail brand selling home goods to people for decades now. They maintained their focus on quality goods like ready to assemble furniture, appliances, and accessories along with its strong analog distribution and business model. With changing times and everything becoming digital, IKEA knew they needed to adapt to the new tech…

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