Wearable tech shaping digital marketing career trends

Smartwatches, fitness trackers, augmented reality glasses and other wearable devices have emerged as a significant trend in our tech savvy times. These devices are becoming a common household name and have transformed our lives. They are now new avenues for digital marketers to engage consumers in personalized and innovative ways. It is also re-shaping the…

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Byju’s journey to becoming an ed tech giant 

No industry is left untouched with the rapidly evolving and growing emerging technologies. In the education sector, there has been a massive shift to online learning for all age groups and the pandemic has been a core reason to push this as mainstream learning. In the current landscape of evolving ed-tech sector, Byju’s has emerged…

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5 must-watch movies for all entrepreneurs

Movies are more than entertainment, they also offer valuable insights into various sectors, businesses, relationships, travels, and a lot more. For entrepreneurs, watching a niche genre of movies can act as a strong dose of motivation and inspiration.  It offers the entrepreneurs a deep insight and understanding of the challenges and the possible opportunities along…

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5 ways to Use LinkedIn for Digital Marketing 

Today, LinkedIn has become one of the most powerful platforms for digital marketing with 930 million members spread across 200 countries globally. Their vision is clear and as mentioned on their website to ‘create an economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce’ leading to making the professionals more productive and successful. Becoming one…

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Biggest niche capturing social media applications to know

Remember a time when social media was not so integral to our lives? Today we use social media to stay connected with our friends and family, to share our thoughts, opinions and consume content. Brands use it to make sure they build a close-knit community and introduce new products online, to offer new information and…

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