5 movies that explored the future of technology

Movies are the ideal platform to see where human ideation and innovation can reach and for decades there are many sci-fi related films that have worked with the idea of what technologies may/ can come up.

From building a high-tech world in the year of 2050 to imagining what softwares and emerging technologies can enable crime prediction softwares, multi-touch interfaces and more, movies have explored it all.

These storytellers use the fine craft of visual CGI effects and other movie making tools, to build more fantastical, hyper-detailed visuals that will simply capture its audience in one go. This rise of digital filmmaking using technology has offered the film industry an ease to depict a more accurate picture of the situation, character and their interactions within the movie.

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Here are 5 movies that have interacted with technology and connected with its global audience:

1. Iron Man

A billionaire’s innovation and use of multiple gadgets, an immersive computing system and his own personal assistant J.A.R.V.I.S.

One of the visually impactful scenes in this movie is with JARVIS in picture, a technology that showcases the user interface and holographic peripherals that Tony Stark, the main character, is able to manipulate with his hands, without any gloves.

Movie further also goes into exploring how a body suit can help gain higher physical power and ability to interact with the interface with the use of a highly technical object inserted and functioning in the human body. In real life, Elon Musk has been assumed to be an inspiration behind Tony Stark as well as he himself is also inspired by the workspace of Tony Stark in Iron Man and is believed to be working towards building multiple technologies and interfaces that are similar to what Iron Man has represented.

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2. The Matrix trilogy

This movie explores a dystopian future where in reality is perceived to be merely a virtual simulation created by sentient machines that have been shown to have taken over the human population. The Matrix movies are an ideal example of being actually ‘plugged’ in.

Matrix is known to have revolutionized filmmaking for its era. It defined a period of before and after and gave the industry an innovative touch that further evolved over time.

The film saga with futuristic ideas including Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a big part of the movie that has considerably evolved in our world today and has become part of our everyday lives. Along with this –  Virtual reality (VR) also plays a crucial role in the storyline.

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3. Ex-Machina

Considered to be one of the thought-provoking movies, Ex-Machina investigates human kind’s experiments with AI and how far really can that be pushed or pursued. A young programmer is selected to be part of a test that determines and tests the capabilities of a new AI robot.

Revolving around 4 main characters and a considerably well thought of screenplay, this movie takes you through many ups and downs to finally warm the human kind on how indistinguishable robots and humans become in the near future and its actual possibilities. A thought that our tech industry is sure busy exploring deeper everyday. 

4. Pacific Rim

Let’s talk about giant robots, named Jaegers, who are controlled by human minds, two minds i.e. two pilots, who act in perfect synchronization so as to control the movements of the enormous machine/ Jaegers. Movie explains that two pilots are needed due to the neural link between the human and computer known as ‘the drift’ which is seen to burrow into each pilot’s entire consciousness and memories in order to make them the most efficient fighter.

Working with multiple high technology processes, these Jaegers are fighting to save human existence with Kaijus, epic monsters who emerge from portals at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The notion of a robot pilot, neural links between human and machine to directly control a machine and few other ideas are all great examples of how the movie makers have explored the fine art of where technology can possibly take us.

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5. Inception

A timeless classic that augments with each generation, this science fiction movie has reflected the fine art of how the worlds of human emotions, storytelling and technology come together.

The movie shows an experimental technology that allows willing extractors to facilitate corporate espionage. A highly delicate practice, it needs the main character and his team to be experts and offer personal sacrifices. Each time one of them goes into the consciousness of another, a price is paid. The movie takes you through multiple layers of the human hold on their past, memories and emotions and how that appears in multiple consciousness.

The movie’s technology functions on the premise of a false awakening. The core idea here is that a person has woken up from his sleep but is actually still fast asleep and can feel like he is in the real world. Christopher Nolan has engagingly explored the psyche of the subconscious in a space where there is dream-sharing.

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