AI/ML, IoT & Emerging Technologies

Become a digital specialist!

Modules: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, AR & VR, Internet of Things

Full time 11-month program at the campus, Bangalore.

According to World Economic Forum’s report, by 2022 AI-enabled automation will create 133 million new jobs globally. With the government’s decision towards digitization, and multiple organizations accelerating their digital transformation initiatives, In India itself, the demand for AI talent pool is expected to rise at a rapid rate.

HETIC’s 11 month advanced integrated program in Emerging Technologies – AI | ML | Cloud Computing | IOT | AR & VR has been exclusively designed to help working professionals, graduates and  undergraduates develop an understanding of Emerging Technologies and its various building blocks.

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    Full time 11-month program at the campus.
    • Undergraduate and Graduate
    • Marketing & Sales Professionals
    • Associate Domain Experts, Software & IT Professionals
    • Business Executives
    Certificate for Advanced Integrated Program in AI/ML, IoT & Emerging Technologies from Hetic, Paris.
    1. According to Gartner, emerging technologies will create 23 lakh job openings by 2022
    2. AI | ML professional with five years of experience is paid an average salary of INR 35 – 50 Lakhs Per Annum
    3. By 2024, 75% of enterprises will shift to Emerging Technologies, driving five times increase in analytics infrastructures
    • Reference: Gartner, Business Insider and Money View
    • Full-time program offered by HETIC, French School of Digital Leadership
    • Masterclasses by French & Indian faculty
    • Learn essential concepts and skills needed to develop effective AI systems
    • Apply cutting-edge, industry-relevant knowledge in AI, machine learning, and automation
    • 24/7 Support and 100% Placement Assistance
    • Hackathons, international conferences, and workshops with global leaders
    • 8-week project on real-world problems guided by faculty and industry practitioners

    At the end of the course the learner will be able to:

    • Explore Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques and tools
    • Practice ML, NLP, IoT, UI/UX experiments with cloud interaction
    • Analyze the case studies and procure insights for automation
    • Create dashboards and a user-friendly environment with emerging technologies

    Tools :

    • Scikit Learn
    • TensorFlow
    • PyTorch
    • Keras
    • Google ML Kit
    • Arduino
    • Cloud Watch
    • AWS
    • Google cloud
    • Azure
    • Unity and Vuforia

    Our Faculty


    • Machine Learning Engineer
    • Computer Vision Engineer
    • UI UX Designer
    • R&D Associate for AI | ML | NLP | CV
    • AI | ML Developer
    • Product Manager – AI | ML
    • Consultant – AI | ML
    • Cloud Engineer
    • Operations Support Engineer – Cloud Computing
    • Cloud Technical Assistant
    • 3D Artists – Games | AR | VR

    You can contact us via:
    Phone/WhatsApp: (+91) 951-380-7678

    You can also schedule a virtual meeting with the Dean here.

    Campus Location

    Sugatta, 6th Cross Rd, Near Royal Palm aeroville, Yelahanka,
    Bengaluru, Karnataka 562157.