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At HETIC, human will always be at the center of discussions and attention. The school and the program are build with them as they are schools partners. To do so, students will give feedbacks on teachers every trimester and will have a annual meeting with the Dean to be sure that the quality of life and the high level of learning is in place.


HETIC Dean and iNurture team during a meeting.

A word from the Dean about HETIC

HETIC now has more than ten years’ experience and has become the benchmark in France for higher education in internet studies, training Level I experts in this rapidly growing sector of the digital economy. Its reputation has gone from strength to strength and reaches well beyond its network of 5000 partner businesses.

HETIC’s success is down to its ability to stay abreast of changes in this constantly evolving sector and its desire to be always one step ahead.

The strength and originality of the curriculum are its defining features and these are a result of the 150 different, annually-reviewed courses, intelligently combined with 200 real-life internet projects and a series of work placements in increasingly important roles from the 2nd to the 5th years. This step-by-step acquisition of knowledge, know-how and personal development paves the way for each student to find their place in a position of responsibility in a company of their choosing.

HETIC offers each individual a unique learning framework that develops their potential and trains them for a future career. Mutual help and open-mindedness are values that everyone in the establishment shares. HETIC is a place of meeting and exchange by nature and encourages emulation, which allows students to grow through interaction with each other. This is a daily source of pride for us.

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