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At HETIC, human will always be at the center of discussions and attention. The school and the program are build with them as they are schools partners. To do so, students will give feedbacks on teachers every trimester and will have a annual meeting with the Dean to be sure that the quality of life and the high level of learning is in place.

A word from the Dean about HETIC

Leading the Change

Advent of new and disruptive technologies has impacted business over the last 10 years in India like never before!

Indian digital economy is slotted to be a USD 1 trillion opportunity by 2025, according to a report released by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) in collaboration with McKinsey and Company. Buoyed by mobile and smart phone penetration, government initiatives and a major digital transformation journey adopted by Indian enterprises, the Indian digital Economy is creating global waves.

This creation of a market for a host of digital services, platforms, application, content and solutions, is only going to grow. This growth poses another key challenge that India will have to deal with – SKILLED workforce to manage, sustain and lead the change.

Shortage in digital skills is increasing and India will need millions of digital professionals to be part of the growing number of digital businesses. There is a bleeding need for education institutions, training centres and other skill development bodies to start preparing students and working professionals on new sets of skills that are unique to digital businesses – namely, a combination of technology, design, management, marketing and operations professionals who understand the myriad complexities of running a digital business.

Sujay Nair
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