2023 Digital Marketing Trends

The dynamic and versatile nature of digital marketing keeps us all on our toes pushing us to adapt to the new reality. With the help of modern new tech – digital marketing has become transformative for businesses offering them to reach new markets and sectors. Based on what has worked in 2022 and keeping in…

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Uber: Seeking to champion different modes of transportation in global cities

The ride hailing and service offering platform – Uber, has seen tremendous growth and continues to grow mainly due to their competitive offering that is both an in-demand and compelling product. Another key reason for their growth is the omni-presence approach making themselves useful in different forms of transportation and services along with their seamless…

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Martech trends of 2022

It has been a year of accelerated adoption of technology in the marketing sector. Emerging technologies are a key factor in making digital and cloud technology adoption faster and quicker. Brands continue to turn towards technological solutions in their daily marketing efforts that aids them to have more efficiency in results. This is what Martech…

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Achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals with digitization

In 2015 the United Nations in their Sustainable Development Summit set out an initiative of 17 goals that is directly to target and fight poverty, inequality and injustice while also tackling climate change. These are known as UN Sustainable development Goals (SDG) – commonly known as UN SDG’s – set to be achieved by 2030….

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Top tech acquisitions of 2022

Mergers and acquisitions have become a common practice in the tech world. Most acquisitions have a global tech giant absorbing a smaller brand or an upcoming start-up that has come up with something unique that the giant can use in its overall offerings. There are also mega-mergers where one giant is seeking to buy-out or…

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Indian tech start-ups to watch out for

When we look at the investment figures that go towards building start-ups in India, the trajectory shows us a clear sign on how start-ups in India are a booming industry. Here is a small glimpse of how the sector has grown from the viewpoint of investment raised over the past few years: 2018 – $6.6…

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Leading digital payment gateways in rural India

The push towards a digital economy in India is now focused on its growth in rural sectors of the country. The Indian Government along with multiple players in the payment gateway sector are coming up with various initiatives to help ease money transitions for the rural population from cash to digital. Some of these methods…

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All you need to know about Instagram’s subscription feature

Subscription feature by Instagram is a new addition to the brands existing list of features on the social media application that allows the users to monetize content. Content creators can monetize this by placing content behind a monthly subscription/ paywall. This feature came in at a time when TikTok has been a major competition for…

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Indian women lead start-ups that turned into unicorns

To break the glass ceiling has not been easy but these women are setting all the right examples for their future generations to follow and lead. Women have been leading and growing exponentially over the past few decades and stepping into leading roles changing the entire gamut of business operations and increasing revenues. The start-up…

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What are Elon Musk’s plans for Twitter

Since the news broke out a couple of weeks ago confirming Elon Musk taking over Twitter, there have been numerous talks taking rounds on what lies ahead for the social media platform that has been one strong channel of voice for millions. While we have all heard the news of Elon Musk takeover leading to…

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