Imapct of digital Media

Impact of digital media on creator’s economy

For a number of years, traditional media has been a dominant player across the globe and has been responsible for everything we viewed on our television sets, read in newspapers or magazines or listened to over the radio. Everything changed with the arrival of the internet, from heavy scripted content to content created by anyone…

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Shark tank India

Who are the Sharks on Shark Tank India?

A popular series of the west encouraging entrepreneurs of all age groups to showcase and pitch their products/ services to a panel of investors made its debut in India in 2021 and soon became a successful reality TV series in the Indian subcontinent. With its unique concept, the show grabbed the interest of the nation…

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Indian Brands

Indian brands leading EdTech industry

Edtech denotes Education technology, technology dedicated to enhancing the experience for students, enabling them to learn more quickly using various tech based tools, applying the tools in classroom activities that helps to build engaging and individualized experiences of learning. Edtech today goes beyond the simple classroom learning for young children or teens, today it is…

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Environment Conscious

Emerging tech based environment conscious start-ups

With a global movement to focus on sustainability, building awareness around it and environmental protection, businesses have caught on to this green movement and are constantly trying to innovate as well as incorporate more sustainable practices that are environmentally conscious. With technology taking over many functions of our everyday life, especially for businesses, here is…

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Digital Marketing in 2022

Tech trends influencing digital marketing in 2022

Future of marketing is a dynamic space and each year new trends appear from the rapid advancements in technology that are changing the behavior patterns of consumers towards almost everything that has been done before in marketing. 2021 being a tumultuous time for the world, digital was the one constant and there are sure to…

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Indian's Tech unicorns

India’s tech unicorns

Unicorns is a term used to describe start-ups that are privately held and have a valuation of $1 billion or more. India saw a dramatic rise in the number of unicorns in 2021, what fueled this was the existing base of widely used digital payment platforms, digital first business models and a country with a…

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Electric automobile

Electric Automobile Start-ups in India

Electric Vehicles are in simple terms the sustainable and more eco-friendly alternative to our existing automobiles that use internal-combustion engines which burn a mixture of gasses and fuels to produce electricity for the vehicles to run. This process is known to be a strong reason for causing air pollution. Electric vehicles on the other hand…

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Virtual Business

Managing virtual businesses through technology

The rapid transformation in technology over the decades has been pushing us towards automated processes when the pandemic rushed the sectors to quickly adopt various ways of communicating with their clients, teams and customers while tracking businesses activities on a daily basis. With remote working, work from home to hybrid models of working, planning virtual…

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Tech Business and Start-up's

Female Celebrity investments in tech businesses and start-ups

The rise of women millionaires over the decade has also given rise to them diversifying their investment portfolios. While these women millionaires come from varied backgrounds, a large number of them are from the entertainment sector – models turned actors, Bollywood celebrities to TV stars and more. Over the past few years, a growing number…

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Digital Marketing

Role of Digital Marketing in transforming the Music Industry

The growing power of tech in every nook and corner of our lives has completely changed the way we engage and experience music. The same applies for the music industry, their interaction with how they reach their audiences has evolved over the decades, and especially more rapidly within the past few years. Digitalization of music…

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