Best Alternative to a Web Development Course

best alternate to web development course

As someone who was born and raised in the digital age, you have an excellent idea of the potential of digital media. It is the foundation for a number of technological developments and jobs. There are endless opportunities for people to explore and transition from one field to another.

One of the more popular of the jobs in digital media is that of a web developer. It’s an interesting field that’ll keep your creative juices flowing. But have you thought about what comes beyond web development? Face it. You can’t keep coding all your life. Statistically, that’s 40 years of HTML and CSS. At some point, you’ll have to move on to a more exciting career. Then again, why not start with one?

And that’s where Digital Business comes in.

Before we look at all the ways Digital Business can help drive your ambitions and make them fruitful, let’s see what web development has to offer.

What is Web Development?

Simply put, web development is the development of websites or applications for the web. Web developers usually work with designers to deliver an aesthetic and functional website. However, it often happens that many developers also handle the design aspects of the project as well. The purpose of web development is to build interfaces that are user-friendly and offer seamless experiences.

A Career in Web Development

Web development is a creative career path that requires a lot of intuition and innovation. Despite the high standards that the role demands, it is fairly easy to become a web developer. But you do need proper training and a good degree to back up your skills. With considerable time and effort, you can raise the bar to become a world-class web developer.

Web developers should be well-versed in programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, C#, Python, or Java, depending on the project’s requirements. Many web design and development courses will focus on a single technology. To learn other languages, you have to invest additional time or money or both.

Since web developers work in a team environment, they should possess good communication skills, decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, and team and time management skills. These skills may or may not be part of a standard web development course.

Salary of a Web Developer

On average, a web development job in India will fetch you about INR 3 lakhs per year. Top companies offer anywhere between INR 4 lakhs to INR 6 lakhs per year. However, in order to earn more than the average sum, you will have to add-on to your existing skills.

To improve your salary figures, you should aspire to more managerial roles than ones that require individual contribution. You can aim to become a Project Manager, Lead Software Engineer, Technical Architect, Team Leader, or a Senior Web Developer – all of which pay well above average. As a senior contributor, you can expect a salary up to INR 15 lakhs per year.

Of course, this increment happens only if you update yourself on the industry’s latest happenings and events. Standing still in an industry that keeps changing will not get you far.

The Best Alternative to Web Development

Now, becoming a web developer sounds exciting. There’s a lot of creativity and innovation involved. But after a certain point, it does get monotonous. You can’t be designing and developing websites or mobile applications all your life, can you? You have to move on to more rewarding and exciting career paths. Most of these paths (that we’ve mentioned above) require additional study, additional investment, and worst of all, additional time. You can’t ignore your progress to save time, but you can speed it up by choosing an alternative course that includes web design and development.

Digital Business Course is that alternative.

What is Digital Business?

Digital Business is the creation of new business designs and strategies by unifying the digital and physical worlds. It is a disruptive technology that aims to integrate business, people, and things. By disrupting traditional business models, companies are encouraged to come up with new and inventive ways of doing business.

As the world leans more and more towards digital technologies, managing businesses will become a key part of progress. Industries such as retail, banking, consumer, IT, telecom, marketing, and many such are looking for digital business professionals who are proficient in digital technologies, business, and design. They want people who can adapt to rapid changes in technology and implement them successfully.

Some of the most prominent companies today have been built on a Digital Business model. Ola, Uber, Swiggy, Airbnb, Amazon, and Zomato are companies that thrive on the concept of digital business and are highly successful as well.

Why Digital Business over Web Development?

Digital Business is a new term that has entered the business lexicon in the last few years. While it may be something you haven’t heard of before, it’s definitely something you want to be a part of.

Web development is but a minuscule part of the digital spectrum. It no doubt offers satisfying rewards to its pursuers. But at some point, you’ll be developing products that no one uses. What do you do then? Make other products that no one will use? This is the worst case scenario, but a possibility. After you hit a plateau, there is nowhere to go. Plus, with web development, you will mostly be working on a specialized set of technologies rather than dabble in many. Salary too, as you’ve seen, is dependent on experience and skills.

Digital Business covers the entire spectrum of digital technology, management, marketing, and business. By opting for Digital Business, you open yourself to opportunities in diverse fields. You are no longer restricted by skill or sector to start your career in the digital space. The freedom to take up any career path you want is possible with Digital Business.

Entrepreneurship is one of the most lucrative paths you can choose post your stint as a web developer. So, why not start your career as an entrepreneur? What’s stopping you from pursuing entrepreneurship with web development at its core? Absolutely nothing.

Even if entrepreneurship is not your forte, you can still grab a well-paid position at some of the top digital business companies in India and across the globe right after graduation. And Digital Business is the perfect stepping stone for this.

In this day and age, competition is fierce. The race to become successful starts at an early age. In order to win, you have to make the right decisions and take charge of your future. Going along with the crowd will be fun for a couple of years, but then you’ll remain with the crowd. Instead of following your peers into what they choose, take your time to decide what’s best for you.

With the Digital Business course from HETIC, there’s a high chance you’ll succeed as an entrepreneur. You can put your web development skills to good use and take it to the next level. Besides web development, you will also learn Digital Marketing, IoT, ICT Law, Digital Design, Business Management, Business Research, AR/VR, and much more. This enables you to pursue a diverse range of interesting careers other than entrepreneurship.

HETIC School of Digital Leadership intends to transform its students into independent, business-oriented, tech-savvy, articulate, creative, and intuitive graduates. In an increasingly business environment, students will be able to apply their skills and revolutionize the digital industry in India. And HETIC will be at their side cheering them on.

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