April 15, 2021

Digital Selling vs. Social Selling: What’s the Difference?

Social Selling is a hot topic right now. It has grown in popularity since its inception in 2012. Did you know, however, that Social Selling is part of a larger organization known as Digital Selling? The majority of you are probably unfamiliar with the word “digital selling.” It’s still in its early stages, but I … Continue reading “Digital Selling vs. Social Selling: What’s the Difference?”

April 5, 2021

Top 5 Digital Skills Tech Companies are Looking For

In the digital age, tech firms, and indeed all organizations in the digital economy, are realizing that digital skills are important for employees. New workers must be multi-disciplined and possess both hard and soft skills now more than ever. Recruiters will be searching for a wider skill set and more expertise in their recruits, regardless … Continue reading “Top 5 Digital Skills Tech Companies are Looking For”

March 24, 2021

1st Edition of INITIUM: Success Story

 Initium Business Plan Challenge 2021 Students participated from 45+ cities. 300+ registrations and 58 Elevator pitches From 150+ schools and colleges across India. After several rounds of evaluation on business plans ranging from Waste Management, Sustainability to New Entrepreneurial Ventures, 7 Finalists were shortlisted & presented to our esteemed jury from India, Europe and USA … Continue reading “1st Edition of INITIUM: Success Story”

March 23, 2021

How Artificial Intelligence can transform Business

While the mainstream acceptance of artificial intelligence is a new phenomenon, it is not a new concept. The modern field of artificial intelligence was founded in 1956, but substantial progress toward developing an artificial intelligence system and making it a technological reality took decades of effort. Artificial intelligence has a wide range of applications in … Continue reading “How Artificial Intelligence can transform Business”

March 5, 2021

INITIUM Business Plan Challenge 2021 – Finalists

Congratulations! INITIUM Business Plan Challenge Finalists. We are super proud that you have made it to the finals and we can’t wait to see what’s in store! Here are a couple of pitstops that you must make before the finals on 15th March. FINALISTS  NAME College/School Place Tushar Ranjan Das & Prasenjit Ghose St. Xavier’s … Continue reading “INITIUM Business Plan Challenge 2021 – Finalists”

March 5, 2021

Different Stages of Digital Business Transformation

Digital business transformation (DBT) is not just about software and devices.  It’s about transforming organizations through the use of digital technology to significantly boost efficiency. In many sectors, the boom in the use of AMPS (Analytical tools and applications, Mobile tools and applications, Platforms to create configurable digital capabilities, and Social media) is changing the … Continue reading “Different Stages of Digital Business Transformation”

March 4, 2021

iLEAD 100% Tuition Fee Waiver Scholarship

We at HETIC are proud to present our 100% tuition fee waiver scholarship for the young bright minds out there! We firmly believe that every deserving student should have an opportunity to learn and pursue their dream career on a global scale. Applicable for: Undergraduate Courses – Entire duration of the program Postgraduate Courses – … Continue reading “iLEAD 100% Tuition Fee Waiver Scholarship”

February 24, 2021

International HETIC Student Conference

We are extremely proud to present the first edition of the International HETIC Student Conference between HETIC Paris and HETIC India on 25th Feb’21, from 4 pm onwards. Three of our champion student teams will be presenting their projects and this will be followed by a Q/A session from HETIC Paris students. HETIC India students, … Continue reading “International HETIC Student Conference”

February 22, 2021

Why has Digital Transformation Become a Necessary Disruption?

Digital transformation is a radical shift in how a company provides its clients with value. This is what transition means, along with tips to ensure that your business is on the right path. Digital transformation has taken on greater significance in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. In general, digital transformation is seen as an … Continue reading “Why has Digital Transformation Become a Necessary Disruption?”

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