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Broadcast Date: September 12, 2020

Nowadays, degrees rarely matter in the real world. Top companies have even announced completely doing away with the whole mandatory degree requirements for candidates. This is great news for a lot of students. But there is still a lot of value in gaining the degree. Colleges are actively trying to make their offerings more appealing and up-to-date with new-age courses and specializations. Therefore, students can think beyond the degree and focus on gaining skills.

BCA is quite a popular course for many students as it offers a step into the IT industry. However, a BCA degree deals with the core IT aspects i.e. the technical side of IT. A degree such as BMS in Digital Business covers a broader and a more entrepreneurial side of the digital space. Rather than sticking to convention and choosing a BCA degree, it would be more beneficial if you venture into the realm of Digital Business.

This talk on BMS Digital Business vs. BCA will help you understand the major differences between these two degrees and the right one for you depending on your goals and career aspirations. Our Dean, Lalit Ojha, also discusses in detail the various career opportunities available with a degree in Digital Business.

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