Brands leading IoT wearable devices 2023

Wearable tech trends are expanding by the day going beyond just smartwatches and 2023 looks like a year of many new just wearables entering the market segment. These are smart rings, air-purifying masks to hearables – it’s all already in our surroundings and niche segments – but about to expand, grow with wider range of functionality options and more choice.

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Brands that are building and leading these smart IoT wearable devices:


The more expensive products sell out more – has been a true case study at Apple for their iPhone and stays true for their wearable range as well. As per a comment by Tim Cook himself in an interview, 75% of Apple’s wearable revenue came from their watches.

Their range however extends into many products in wearables, home and accessories that includes the Apple Watch, AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, HomePod and more.

Their recently launched leading products include:
-Apple Watch Ultra that range at INR 89900
-Apple Watch Series 8 with tagline of – A healthy leap ahead that retails for INR 45900
-Apple Watch SE that retails at INR 29900

Their latest in watches has new health and safety features like car-crash detection, an ovulation tracking, a brighter display than other Apple Watches and more – all these making sure the demand for their Apple Watches remains robust.

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This global brand went to embrace a whole new circular design in their smartwatches to allow their users a new natural user experience. Samsung uses its own Tizen platform- Tizen OS for their smartwatches and a physical rotating bezel for navigation to offer more functionality to its users.

Samsung has taken their own time to design and build perfect smartwatch philosophy to bring their own range of smart watches in 2013.

Latest hits from Samsung:
-Galaxy Watch5 Pro – A tougher design that is more focused on outdoor features currently retailing at INR 44,999
– Galaxy Buds 2 pro retails at INR 15,300 and bring its users HI-FI sound, seamless connectivity, and comfortable fit.

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Known to be your workout partner, Huawei Watch Fit works for you to detect the start of a workout, recognize the type of workout and remind you to keep track of it. Swimming, running, cardio – whatever you are into, it will track the exact workout metrics.

This Chinese company has its strengths in its long battery life, reliable fitness tracking to its minimalist design. And here are some of the brands leading wearable tech products:

  • Huawei Watch 3 Pro is one of the best refined design loaded with Harmony OS that currently retail at INR 30,999
  • Huawei Watch GT Pro comes with wireless charging and is retailed at INR 37,899
  • Huawei Band 6 is one of the brands best fitness trackers that comes in at a reasonable price, is compact and loaded with health tracking features.


Known to be India’s most sought after wearable watch brand, Noise offers consumers Smart Watches, Wireless Earbuds, BT Neckband earphones and accessories at a rather affordable price range than what its other competitors offer it at. The brand also recently announced that 90% of its smartwatches will get manufactured in India starting in 2023 – which we are all in for. This message was followed by a great video campaign that came with a message – Proudly designed and manufactured in India.

Their video ad claims for Noise to be the first homegrown Indian brand that has localized smart wearable production.

Some of their most loved and recent launches include:

  • Noise Fit Force Rugged retails at INR 2499 and comes with a round display screen, sleep tracking and more.
  • Noise ColorFit Pulse Go plus retails at INR 1999 and is built for use in health or fitness – offering SpO2 sensor, heart rate sensor and accelerometer.

Dyson – The Dyson Zone

When it comes to wearables Dyson has gone a step ahead in our future. Dyson Zone will sure offer you a Bane like vibe from the Batman series but this wearable air purifier is sure on the hot list.

This is Dyson’s first entry into the wearables and headphones market – and one that has sure caught the attention of everyone – making it one of the brands to watch out for in wearable tech.

This high-end product will have you spending over $900 and is a futuristic pair of headphones that comes with a shiny copper mask that covers your nose and mouth. You have noise-cancelling headphones that are attached to the magnetic visor in the brand’s own terminology. This visor helps to funnel the air and create a pocket of purified air – overall the product is connected to the MyDyson app where you can view the air quality and control the noise levels.

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Ultra human

An Indian homegrown brand, Ultra Human focuses on bringing smart rings to the forefront and making health monitoring easy, simple and accessible. Their unique interplay of hardware and software helps their products – the rings – to seamlessly monitor important biomarkers in our bodies.

The brand is currently taking pre-orders on the ring which is priced at INR 22,999.

This smart ring considers your sleep cycles, shares your movement insights to optimize your fitness and longevity goals – all based on the data from your motion and the heart rate sensors. You can measure your progress every day without going for a body scan.

Most wearable brands are focused on offering data on three main elements: Sleep, activity, and health beyond your everyday use for calling, texts and world news updates. These IoT based wearable devices are becoming a great way for people with busy lifestyles to keep track of their energy scores, their health stats and fitness levels. The technology has advanced to the point where it also helps to organize the data in an easy-to-read format over the application with a great user interface so you can better understand your habits and make better decisions for your mind, body and soul.

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