Career opportunities after an MBA in Digital Business


Gaining the right job experience and landing their first jobs are common stumbling points for recent graduates.  Fortunately, HETIC’s recently launched new-age transformational program, MBA in Digital Business, will propel your career and equip you to disrupt the digital future today.

Strong technological acumen is a highly desirable business skill in today’s world, with CEOs looking for people to help them accelerate their digital transformation.

They will receive job experience through internships with digital industry leaders and be trained by professionals at top digital companies as part of this program. All of this adds to candidates having the abilities and expertise they need to enter the fast-expanding digital workforce.

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Toolkits for success

MBA in Digital Business aims to equip students with essential business and strategy skills to give a solid foundation and prepare them to become tomorrow’s ‘digital leaders.’  Students who complete the program will have digital skill sets that include the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence (AI), DevOps, and excellent business expertise.

Top positions after graduating with an MBA in Digital Business

Digital Transformation Project Manager

Digital transformation is the process of integrating digital technology into all aspects of a company, and digital transformation project managers are the change-makers. They play a critical role in assisting firms in adopting a data-driven decision-making strategy and deploying essential digital technologies. Projects can span the entire digital landscape, from e-commerce to mobile, analytics, and social media. Employees in this position can have a significant impact on the company’s digital transformation.

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E-commerce Specialist

E-commerce specialists are accountable for making a firm highly accessible to clients, as they are web-savvy and computer professionals. They help with standards, technology, and processes for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce models and product, content, and user strategy. They also keep track of the website’s day-to-day activities and improve it to increase sales and improve the user experience.

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Digital Analyst

Digital analysts are in high demand in today’s “big data” era. Analysts play a critical role in digital department plans since they are in charge of making decisions and creating useful KPI (key performance indicator) reports and dashboards. Digital analysts can influence entire strategies and commercial prospects, as well as find new process improvement options.

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Today, a company’s success is determined by its digital footprint. As a result, digital business is one of the most rapidly rising and in-demand industries. The Online MBA in Digital Business program equips you to succeed in an online business environment by studying a wide range of topics, from online architecture to usability and many of the difficulties that managers encounter in internet-based workplaces. You’ll be well-prepared to establish your own internet business, join an existing one, or innovate new online business models.

Other positions include

Digital Marketing Manager

Social Media Marketing Manager

Digital Strategist

Data Manager

Consulting Lead- AI

Consulting Lead- IoT and connected products

IT Consultant

Digital Consultant and a lot more


Unline other MBAs, you can work in all the sectors like

Real Estate



Education/ Edtech


Luxury industry

And hundreds more…

One of the largest numbers of jobs and the best salaries are in this domain. Hence, it is turning up as the most lucrative career choice for students.


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