Digital certifications that can make you job ready

Is levelling up your career in your future plans? Our highly competitive world today everyone is seeking to leave a mark of their own. To help you with this, there are certificate programs that offer a flexible, easy to afford route to learn and take your career to another level. Whether you’re looking to brush…

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5 must read books on entrepreneurship, business strategy and thinking

Whether your aim is to get that job or become an entrepreneur, there are certain books that have focused on how you can train your mind, be more alert and observative of your work  surroundings and how you can possibly control your thoughts, thinking and mind to help your career path. Also Read: What’s new…

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What’s new on Instagram in 2022 

Instagram, in 2022, is still one of the strongest and prominent players of social media applications. In late 2021, it is noted that Instagram had reached 2 billion active users worldwide. One of the key reasons why the application is still a strong player is thanks to its constant agility, growth and development that lead…

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5 movies that explored the future of technology

Movies are the ideal platform to see where human ideation and innovation can reach and for decades there are many sci-fi related films that have worked with the idea of what technologies may/ can come up. From building a high-tech world in the year of 2050 to imagining what softwares and emerging technologies can enable…

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Top career opportunities in digital business

Automation is leading the global markets to expand the profiles they seek to hire. From IT, Data Science, Medicine, Sales and other sectors, everyone is building new capacities that require fresh and enhanced learning for students to fill in the jobs. With Hetic digital business school, both your creative and analytical mind will grow. The…

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The rise of digital gig economy

The rise of the digital gig economy

Digital disruption and transformation over the past decade has given a strong push to the rise of the gig economy worldwide. Work from home culture has indeed given this push another hit forward making gig profiles some of the most sought after today by many categories of professionals who enjoy a fluid and independent work…

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the metaverse, web 3.0

The metaverse, Web 3.0 & the new digital economy

To be successful in this new world, one needs to integrate, understand and work with technologies and how they work as a collective. While the business opportunities are endless, the digital disruption mindset is key to make it big in these dynamic times. While the new world order is still in its formation, let’s dive…

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Imapct of digital Media

Impact of digital media on creator’s economy

For a number of years, traditional media has been a dominant player across the globe and has been responsible for everything we viewed on our television sets, read in newspapers or magazines or listened to over the radio. Everything changed with the arrival of the internet, from heavy scripted content to content created by anyone…

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Shark tank India

Who are the Sharks on Shark Tank India?

A popular series of the west encouraging entrepreneurs of all age groups to showcase and pitch their products/ services to a panel of investors made its debut in India in 2021 and soon became a successful reality TV series in the Indian subcontinent. With its unique concept, the show grabbed the interest of the nation…

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Indian Brands

Indian brands leading EdTech industry

Edtech denotes Education technology, technology dedicated to enhancing the experience for students, enabling them to learn more quickly using various tech based tools, applying the tools in classroom activities that helps to build engaging and individualized experiences of learning. Edtech today goes beyond the simple classroom learning for young children or teens, today it is…

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