Social media management tool: September 2022

Social media management platforms can help you capitalize on billions of users combined across platforms – Meta, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and others. Having a cohesive social media presence allows you to speak to customers where they are at, globally. With a number of prominent platforms out there, managing multiple social media accounts can be an…

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Quotes- Vint Cerf

Vinton Gray Cerf is known for TCP/IP and his co-developer Bob Kahn. He is widely known as the father of the internet. He has received many awards like National Medal of technology, the Marconi prize, the Turing award, and the Presidential medal of freedom, along with earning a membership in the National Academy of Engineering….

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Quotes- Noah Kagan

Noah Kagan is the founder of reputed After graduating from Berkeley in business and economics, he started his career at Intel. He was the founder of HFG Consulting and later became the coordinator of, where he founded Kickflip, a social media payment search engine.    

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Digital certifications that can make you job ready

Is levelling up your career in your future plans? Our highly competitive world today everyone is seeking to leave a mark of their own. To help you with this, there are certificate programs that offer a flexible, easy to afford route to learn and take your career to another level. Whether you’re looking to brush…

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5 must read books on entrepreneurship, business strategy and thinking

Whether your aim is to get that job or become an entrepreneur, there are certain books that have focused on how you can train your mind, be more alert and observative of your work  surroundings and how you can possibly control your thoughts, thinking and mind to help your career path. Also Read: What’s new…

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What’s new on Instagram in 2022 

Instagram, in 2022, is still one of the strongest and prominent players of social media applications. In late 2021, it is noted that Instagram had reached 2 billion active users worldwide. One of the key reasons why the application is still a strong player is thanks to its constant agility, growth and development that lead…

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Quotes- Steve Jobs

Who doesn’t know Steve Jobs? The brain behind Apple Inc. Steve Jobs was an entrepreneur, industrial designer, media proprietor, and above all a market philosopher and a visionary who made an indelible mark in the high-end technology market. In 1998, Jobs introduced his extra edge in intelligent design, the iMac, an egg-shaped computer with a high…

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5 movies that explored the future of technology

Movies are the ideal platform to see where human ideation and innovation can reach and for decades there are many sci-fi related films that have worked with the idea of what technologies may/ can come up. From building a high-tech world in the year of 2050 to imagining what softwares and emerging technologies can enable…

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Top career opportunities in digital business

Automation is leading the global markets to expand the profiles they seek to hire. From IT, Data Science, Medicine, Sales and other sectors, everyone is building new capacities that require fresh and enhanced learning for students to fill in the jobs. With Hetic digital business school, both your creative and analytical mind will grow. The…

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Emergence and importance of Influencer marketing

Our past 5 years have involved being more digitally influenced in our decision making, from work-from-home/anywhere to metaverse, the world as we know has been constantly reshaping itself. Tiktok is one of the key mainstream influencing platforms today, podcasts are part of daily lives, Instagram has now moved from just images to a video-first content…

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