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Thinking about shaping your career in our digitally run world?
Confused with the number of options to choose from post your 12th year in school?

After you have completed your 12th year at school, there are a large number of options available to you in science, commerce, arts, technology and more. In our digital era, there sure is an increase in demand for courses that cater to learnings that are more based on digital workings of a brand – whether in business, design, IT, healthcare, finance, strategy, management, or administration. Picking a career-building course is key.

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Here are some generic but vital points to consider before making your decision:

One. The internet

The Internet has indeed been part of the revolutionary innovations of our times that has the whole world wrapped around its fingers. It’s become a prime source of communication, education, and almost anything you can think of.

Two. Future with Metaverse and web 3.0

Metaverse is already here. While it gets built and more immersive experiences become available, future careers will be largely based on a virtual world.

Three. Digital Gig Economy

Freelance designers, management consultants, floating interns to apprentice and remote working job offerings/ work from anywhere opportunities are growing by the day. Gig economy globally is on the rise.

Four. Emerging technologies

Artificial intelligence guiding us on data, Blockchain’s aid in building digital assets like NFT’s, to Augmented reality and virtual reality building immersive experiences, we are living in the future we imagined. This is only going to grow bigger.

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While the points can be many more, these four should already give you a clear picture of how we are living in a digitally run and connected global world today. A smart career choice here will be to invest your time and energy in a course of the future that is offering you digital content learning. From digital marketing activities to social media management tools, CRM tools, platform management, content marketing and management, web analytics, data science, mobile marketing, influencer marketing, AR/VR design and management, interface design to overall development of digital businesses – these are the learnings that you should be focused on in terms of the courses and degree you pick post completion of your 12th year.

Here are a few courses you should consider based your interest:

A. Marketing based:

Course/ certification in Digital Marketing

While most companies are doing digital, they lack a clear digital strategy towards their marketing efforts. Help drive the marketing impact of brands with a course in Digital Marketing. Within a digital marketing course, you will master cross-channel strategies, SEM, SEO, social media and more. Skill yourself with data analytics and driving successful strategies in the digital marketing world. If you want to learn more about digital businesses and gain a more comprehensive degree, check the bachelor’s in digital business course details below as well as the multifaceted offering of Hetic’s BMS Digital Business, wherein Digital Marketing is a crucial part of the course.

Bachelor in Business and Marketing

This bachelors will develop your expertise in the key areas of business and marketing. Including consumer behavior, financial management for business, digital business, social media management and responsible business strategies. Marketing is core of digital businesses today and this course will hone your business acumen. Offering you a broad range of practical and transferable skills for many positions within marketing.

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B. Digital Business based:

Bachelor’s in Business Analytics
Does your heart lie in numbers and technology?
This is the ideal course for you.
If you are seeking an excellent job in the industry that is tech-driven and requires mathematical and statistical skills, you must explore this option. The course will hone you and offer you power tools to help organizations interpret and leverage the power of big data.

Bachelor’s in Digital Business

A combination of general management with digital is what this degree is all about. The focus largely will be on management systems, business basics to developing core skills for overall business operations and domain. This includes finance, accounting, marketing, HR, entrepreneurship, digital marketing and more.

If Digital business interests you, you must check BMS in Digital Business @Hetic. This course has a trifecta offering of-
A. Business management
B. Design skills
C. Technology

This course is focused on enhancing your skills in each of these to make you the ideal candidate for the future careers. Course brings in learnings of Design, IT and management like Graphic design, UX/UI design, digital marketing, business analytics, emerging technology and more.

This course is a popular choice for the wide range of job opportunities post completion.

C. Design based:

In our globally connected, remote working environment, if your aim is to become a freelance designer, then here are some interesting choices for you:

– Brand Identity Design –

with Strategic design becoming a core process, a brands identity, their changes and application is becoming an essential part of their design. As a brand identity designer, you can freelance from anywhere in the world and work with a range of sectors/ brands.

Strate’s Brand Identity and Visual Communication design course dwells deep into the elements essential for building efficient layouts, ideate, plan and implement designs.

– Interaction Design –

UX and UI have been growing rapidly and have become a core process design. How a user experiences a brand’s interface and their website to their applications is what connects them to the brand. This course has been in news for years now to offer students some of the highest paid and most sought-after jobs in the design sector.

Interaction Design at Strate enables graduates to design core elements for a faster and better world, helps students to design meaningful interactions between people and the products around them.

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D. Tech Based:

Bachelor in Data Science

A bachelor’s in Data Science today is available in AI, IoT, ML, Blockchain, and more emerging technologies, one of the high-ranking courses in the market with exceptional career opportunities. A program like this uses quantitative skills to build your managerial career. With tech taking over the majority of sectors’ start-ups and metaverse as a work-in-progress, Data Scientists are in demand like never before!

Since the demand for online services will only increase, new opportunities will keep opening. Make sure when you choose your preferred bachelor’s degree program, you pick the one where your passion is and will offer you opportunities for growth in our fast-evolving business environment.

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