Data visualization tools that employers are looking for

Advancements in AI and the widespread use of cloud-based software have made data visualization tools an essential component and a better way to communicate and understand large quantities of data.

What is a data visualization tool?

It represents information in the form of a chart, diagram, picture, etc. It offers a user-friendly way to see, understand and visualize information that aids in recognizing trends, patterns, and outlets in the data. Not only data in this form of charts, diagrams, etc. is better understood than simply numbers and text, but it also increases the effectiveness of the data presented this way. Quality infographics are more likely to be read than plain text. People can comprehend, analyze, and communicate data better when they visualize it.

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While a few of the most crucial ones we use almost daily, like Google charts, Microsoft Office, etc., this article considers some powerful data tools that many employers find essential for their employees to use. Here are a few useful data visualizations tools that employers are looking for:

– Microsoft Power BI

Part of the Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Power BI is an intelligent interactive data visualization software with a primary focus on business intelligence. It is a collection of services, apps, and connectors that combine to turn your unrelated data sources into visually appealing and immersive interactive insights. A unique product offering that differentiates it from others is its ability to load custom visualizations. Microsoft Power BI Desktop is free, and Power BI offers both free and paid license options. For paid ones, it includes Power BI Pro, Power BI Premium and Power BI Premium Per User (PPU).

– Google Data Studio

If customization is what the company you’re targeting to work toward, then Google Studio is a great tool to learn. As part of the Google Analytics 360 suite, Google offers a free version of Data Studio for individuals and small teams. It helps individuals unlock the power of data in their hands with interactive dashboards, easy-to-read and share reports that are fully customizable, and more that lead towards a clear picture of the business and aid in making smarter decisions. It also allows you to import third-party data such as Facebook ads or Insights, LinkedIn Ads and data from other sources too.

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– Tableau

One of the most popular data visualization tools amongst big tech companies is Tableau, this is also

recognized by Gartner Magic Quadrant for a few years.

As a software company, Tableau primarily focuses on the business intelligence of each customer’s needs. They have built a platform everyone can use, whether they are an analyst, teacher, student, executive, or sales and marketing professionals. Their multiple products meet almost everyone’s needs. Tableau helps users to generate any type of visualization, such as tables, mapping functionalities, and built-in geocoding.

Tableau Desktop and Tableau Public – are their two main offerings. Tableau Desktop also offers privacy

parameters to make all projects password protected. Organizations like Hello Fresh, Honeywell, and Charles Schwab use this software.

No matter what organization you may be looking to apply at, this tool as a badge on your CV will go a long way.

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– Visme

 An easy-to-use software, Visme offers various visualization tools for almost any project. This software is focused on helping users make stunning graphics and visual aid tools from data points without working on design software or learning about design. Their USP is connecting business intelligence with interactive design. Data widgets like graph makers, chart templates, and visualization amps are some fine examples of what the platform offers. They also have ready-to-go templates for proposals and presentations.

They offer three different plans at affordable costs and the most basic version for free. Unique price offerings for students, educators, and nonprofits.

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– Whatagraph

 Need something for the social media numbers game, SEO, or email campaigns? Seeking employment in a digital marketing firm? Whatagraph is the tool you need to learn and practice on. It is a tool geared towards digital marketing data. It includes multi-channel data monitoring in real-time, cross-channel reporting, and automated report delivery. This software company takes pride in having several integration tools that range from Twitter to Google Analytics. Offering marketers to monitor more than one campaign at a time. Each data report can be further customized to a specific brand and programmed to auto-report on a specified date.

You can try the platform for free on a trial basis for 7 days.


– Inforgram

 This multi-purpose data visualization and analytics tool have a low learning curve, making it easy for anyone to use. It is a valuable tool for content creators, business owners, students, and journalists looking to present their data visually. They have recently added social media templates and graphics to their platform, allowing many users to highlight data in presentations, projects, and reports. They have various plan options available from single user to company plans and a free version with limited access to their product ranges.

This tool is ideal for consultants, freelancers, and education professionals. If you aim to find a job as one of the above, you must upskill yourself on how Infogram works and add this as a skill badge on your profile.

– Sisense

This AI software helps individuals to gain insights and intelligence about their businesses and campaigns. It is one of the most sought-after tools in data visualization and big data visualization tools. Built to visualize large sums of data, Sisense’s dashboard tools are highly intuitive and offer an elaborate data visualization widget such as Sankey diagrams and creating analytical apps. This one platform is crucial and beneficial for large corporations in the tech and healthcare sector.

Considered as one of the best data visualization tools, Sisense is an easy-to-use software and provides inexperienced analysts with customizable dashboard templates to help track metrics, evaluate performances, and analyze financial trends. Considering this tool’s high demand, one must submit an inquiry to get a pricing quote for the company’s needs. If the tech sector is where your job applications are aimed – this one data visualization tool can give you that edge in front of the competition.

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With emerging technology largely focusing on data-based solutions and running on AI, data is what is driving our future. This data is all digital, and these data visualization tools are all essential software. Making digital business the core of our lives. Whether to become a digital marketing expert, web analytics, or business intelligence expert – you need to learn about digital business. BMS in Digital Business at Hetic offers comprehensive learning that empowers you with knowledge of the tech industry, digital world, design, and tech amalgamation, along with management know-how. It’s the perfect trifecta of offerings catering to the dynamic careers of tomorrow.

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