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Is levelling up your career in your future plans? Our highly competitive world today everyone is seeking to leave a mark of their own. To help you with this, there are certificate programs that offer a flexible, easy to afford route to learn and take your career to another level. Whether you’re looking to brush up your existing skills or break into digital marketing as a beginner, here are some certifications that will go a long way in developing your career:

Agile scrum master

Scrum is known to be a framework for agile product development and a project management framework that enables a team to communicate and self-organize to make changes quickly, the principles can also be easily applied to create an agile marketing organization. It offers many benefits such as faster iteration, more work throughput, better campaigns. Experts are noted to say that a certified scrum master will be a future-proof career that will offer lucrative opportunities to its learners.

Prosci Certification

Prosci is known to be a structured, adaptable, repeatable approach to enable individuals to successfully move through changes in an organization. Prosci provides participants with a methodology and toolkit for managing change in their organizations. Its methodology is inclusive of the Prosci® ADKAR® Model, which is known to have been adopted by 80% of the world’s largest organizations. It is globally known now that employees and candidates trained in Prosci are able to enter jobs in change management and boost their income while getting hired for top paying jobs.

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The project management professional (PMP)® certification is a global recognized project management certification that is able to test a candidate’s ability to manage people, processes and business priorities of a project. A certified PMP professional is educated and trained to identify, manage and report project risks using an approach and technique which have proven roots in theory and practice. It is known that once a candidate is certified in PMP, they are able to experience a 20% paycheck increase.


This is a globally known and recognized qualification which is also known practise for project management. Considered a number one benchmark of capability within the industry, PRINCE2® is a key qualification today to help progress your career in project management.

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Google Analytics Certification

Google Analytics Academy courses come in handy to help figure out the overwhelming data in the digital landscape and configure the various settings. They offer Google Analytics for Beginners, Advanced Google Analytics, Google analytics for Power Users and also courses on getting started with Google Analytics 360. This course is free and offers a variety of learning to advance your career.

Google Ads Certification

Seeking to be an expert in Google ads? Here is your certification!
Especially if you are a consultant, your client and employers would want to know that you have the knowledge and skills to build and create ads that will deliver organic results in terms of impressions, click-throughs and conversations. This certification is the right tool for you to build your own career path. In this you have a certification in Google Ads search, Google Ads display, Google Ads Video, Shopping Ads, Google Ads apps, and Google Ads measurement. This certification and skill set will help you build and optimize search campaigns, on how to reach new customers and how to generate conversation through ads and more.
You have to retake this certification every year and pass to renew.

HubSpot’s Inbound Certification Course

This program will help you learn the foundations of inbound marketing and will help you take a more human approach to your marketing efforts. This certification is ideal for current inbound candidates as well as  who are already in marketing or sales. This course helps you plan a flywheel model, how to build a company purpose and develop buyer personas and how to map out your buyer’s journey.

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HubSpot’s Social Media Marketing Certification

Seeking a social media certification that will make you a preferred choice of candidate for a career in social media? Here is your certification! This certification helps you to connect with customers and increase conversions. It is a free online program and has eight lessons across with multiple videos and quizzes to help you learn new skills and put them to test. It helps you build a social media strategy, a content strategy for social media, how to use social media to build one-to-one relationships, introduction to social media advertising and measuring your social return on investment.

Facebook Blueprint

Yes! Facebook has its own certification. To help use their own platform with utmost efficiency and proficiency, Facebook Blueprint helps prove credibility and looks great on your resume. If your goal is to land a role in managing Facebook content- pages, groups or ads, there are a number of certifications which are geared towards specific roles you might take on. For example, there is a program specific for Digital Marketing Associate to get certified in, while there are other courses for developer and community managers, ensuring there is something for everyone to learn.

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One of the best ways to learn is through a structured learning process, the digital marketing courses are structured to help you save time, money and also let you gain an edge over the competitive career market. Not only it helps to upskill and stay up to date with but also aids in networking and gaining mentorship from leading industry professionals. Once you have these certifications you can be ready to apply for jobs for

-Digital marketing analyst
-Digital marketing specialist
-Project manager
-Social media manager
-Email marketing specialist

And more specific jobs to SEO specialist, performance marketing manager, content marketing manager and copywriter to name a few.

As a leading digital business school, Hetic understands that in our dynamic world today these certifications can come in handy for having that edge in the job market. For this reason, Hetic has incorporated few certifications as part of our curriculum so as students are upskilled, engaged with industry standard certifications and empowered to join the workforce with the right skills.

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