How to end up woking for Google, Facebook, etc.?


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Like every spring, HETIC take some news from all graduates. A tradition to which the school is particularly attached. It shows the affection that we carry to each one of them. This annual exchange also allows the school to take and give news such as a wedding, a birth, a world tour with other Héticiens, career changes, etc.

The very first graduates enter market in 2005 with an average salary of 2,205,000 INR per year (27,000 euros). Not so long ago, the data about our last graduates cames out and the number is now over 3,267,000 INR per year (40,000 euros). The difference is eloquent. But the most remarquable data is that the average graduate’s salary increaseing is now about 10% each year. The first HETIC graduates have now a average salary up to 5,550,000 INR (68,000 euros) per year. Those numbers opens great ways for our futurs graduates and we’ll make sure the quality stays in constant progress.

What is GAFA, GAFAM, NATU !?

If you never heard or read about GAFA, knows that it is an acronym to name the giants Internet compagnies. They are also called the “Big Four”, “The Five” and represent Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple. This term has emerged as a result of the dominance of these companies in the digital / IT sector and some suggest the addition of the “M” for Microsoft (GAFAM). However, these two names “GAFA” or “GAFAM” are already contested by the rising companies of this sector as Netflix, Airbnb, Tesla, Uber, etc.).


Many graduates have the ambition to integrate one of these companies. On the otehr side these Internet giants start having an eye on graduates coming out of HETIC.

What school can make me enter to Google, Facebook,…?

To this question, we mostly answer “the most famous American universities”, but we can now shyly and humbly say “HETIC is also a good way to get there”.

Today, more than 5 graduates have been hire by the Silicon Valley giant. Others are signing contracts, but we can not say more for the moment. For now, here are the path of Gabriel, Marc and Romuald, all three Héticiens and employees at Google.

We can easly think that to become a UX engineer, it is necessary to have advanced skills in design. Not necessarily. During my studies at HETIC I was mainly a developer for the many projects I worked on. After HETIC, I integrated an event solution startup as a developer, then I set up a business with another Bitcoin Market Healer. Finally we stopped this project, but learning about this almost two-year entrepreneurial adventure was very beneficial. Then I applied to Google. I confess I did not necessarily believe at first, then I had several interviews that went well. They directed me to a completely different post from the one I was applying for. The latter being technical, I had to make a trip to San Francisco for one of the stages of my job interviews to validate my skills by seniors. For my part, I had more than 6 interviews, not counting the discussions with HR, etc. I’m now UX engineer for two years at Google Arts & Culture. I am not UX designer or software engineer, but between the two. This is a position that has been created to fill a gap in the creative process. My job is to save developers and designers time by working on high-level prototypes to test solutions or ideas in both their creative and technical applications. So I get to see all the aspects of a product I’m going to work on and that’s where HETIC stands out, because that’s exactly how its program is founded: constant versatility over the five years the Grande École program and expertise that is developed through project and internship experiences. This makes it possible to have a very special skill and extensive technical and theoretical knowledge in other areas so as to understand the whole of a project and not a small end. Here at Google, the entire network is here to challenge your ideas and make them evolve. Everything seems simpler and faster thanks to all those people who pull you up.

Gabriel, UX Engineer at Google, Paris

Before joining HETIC, I was in high school in Paris, then studied Mathematics for a few years. Then I joined HETIC. I had to make a bank loan to pay the shcool but it was for me the last chance. I was 26 years old then and I had no choice but to succeed. Looking back on it, taking that risk has been the best choice I’ve made in my life. At the end of HETIC, I was project manager for a brand and my mission was to coordinate the creation of content for one of their showcase site. We produced flash games, quizzes, recipes, etc. every week. It was quickly frustrating in the sense that it was not possible, or rather not in the culture of the time, to know the number of people who answered such a quiz for example. Without measuring performance, it is not possible to know if such content is good and therefore to be able to improve it. And that’s how I started to get interested in the areas of testing and analytics. So I directed my 4th and 5th year internships at Converteo and Duke respectively. Graduated, I continued my career as a consultant at Hub’sales, then I started my own business, before becoming Digital Analytics and Optimization Manager at TUI France. The field of analytics being very dynamic, I never stayed more than one year in the same company. During a meeting at Google for TUI France, I met a former colleague of Converteo (my 4th year internship) who was now employed by the American giant. After a recommendation from him and 4 interviews, I joined Google France as a Google Analytics Premium consultant. Then a place was released in Australia and now I am in Sydney. Google is a really amazing company and if I had been told that I would be employed there when leaving HETIC I would not have believed it. It’s never a bad choice to come to work at Google, but it’s so comfortable that it’s hard to leave. It can be interesting to have a professional experience in an agency or startup before trying Google.

Marc, Google Analytics Premium Consultant at Google, Sydney

I joined Facebook teams in 2014. My role is primarily to support the major French e-commerce companies to use our advertising solutions that can accelerate their growth. It is a complex and intense job that requires skills that are technical, entrepreneurial and commercial, but also creative. Before Facebook, freshly graduated from HETIC, I spent six years in a digital advertising agency. I have also worked for companies such as AWE and Netbooster Group. It is partly thanks to HETIC that I have been able to integrate these big companies and start my professional career. The three years I spent there provided me with the tools of technical, business and creative versatility necessary to have impact and make me quickly essential in business. The 5th year of alternating studies was also a great springboard for my first hiring contract.
Olivier, Client Partner at Facebook, Dublin

Wishing to work in the web environment, I joined HETIC ten years ago without sectoral preference. During our projects, I was able to try different positions: project manager, integrator, ergonomist and many others. On a particular project I was chosen to be an ergonomist and this was the beginning of my adventure in web design. The versatility of the curriculum, combined with the quality of the teaching projects, is a real advantage for students who are able to understand all the components of a project and bring their vision for its development. From the beginning of my professional career, I continued the momentum initiated at HETIC by working in several agencies specialized in UX Design. I was contacted two years ago by Amazon and I am now UX Designer in Seattle. I’m in charge of thinking and designing the various Amazon Web Services cloud services. I work with the product managers to define the general strategy, understand the career paths of our users and the place of these new products in the Amazon family.

Thomas, UX Designer at Amazon Web Services, Seattle

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