Taking the Conventional Graphic Design Course to a New Level with Digital Business

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Ignite Your Creativity as a Graphic Designer

A Graphic Designer is a creative mind who conveys a powerful message through imagery, text, and art. He/she works on applications such as advertisements, brochures, magazines, flyers, posters, and many other forms of visual communication. Graphic design is more than just combining tools and technology to create designs. It is an art form that uses visuals to invoke emotions and stir thoughts in people. The union of creativity and technology is what forms the foundation of Graphic Design.


Why a Graphic Design course from HETIC?

HETIC focuses on the core elements of Graphic Design, giving you a significant edge over your peers pursuing the same path. The Graphic Design course at HETIC is part of its Bachelor’s in Digital Business program. Besides Graphic Design, the program includes supporting subjects that will augment your progress in the field.


Who is this course for?

HETIC’s Digital Business program is not just for those who are interested in Graphic Design. It is for,

* Those who would like to pursue their entrepreneurial goals in the field
* Creative folk who want to showcase their design talent on a bigger stage
* Students who would rather become entrepreneurs than pursue a traditional job
* Anyone who has a passion for Graphic Design and wants to make a career out of it


The entrepreneurial path

Imagine being an entrepreneur who not only knows the business of things but the technicalities as well! That’s what’ll set you on the path to success quickly.With HETIC’s Digital Business program, you not only learn the ropes of Graphic Design but also understand how to create a successful business with what you’ve learnt. You’ll be a an entrepreneur who knows how to design, network, make connections, maintain relationships, communicate with clients and investors, strategize, budget, and do so much more. In other words, you’ll be the Optimus Prime of Graphic Designers.

The Digital Business program endeavours to equip you with the skills and competencies essential for a career in Graphic Design. Thus, with HETIC, you can become a world-class Graphic Designer, the one you’ve always dreamed of becoming




Our program endeavours to tap into India’s digital talent pool
and create skilled and highly-capable digital business professionals.

Passed the higher secondary (10+2) qualifying examination in any stream from CBSE, IB, ICSE or their equivalent board or completed a programme recognised as equivalent thereto by the university.
3-year full-time
INR 9,90,000 for 3 years
  1. Complete and submit the enquiry form
  2. Call from our career experts
  3. Interview with our Dean
  4. Documents submission
  5. Fee payment and completion of the admission