Become a Digital Business Professional in 3 years

BMS in Digital Business

Eligibility: Class 12 (any stream)

Duration: 3 years full-time

Degree Powered by Jain (Deemed-to-be University), Bangalore

BTech vs. BMS

BMS is better than BTech. Do you know why?


What is Digital Business?

According to Gartner, “Digital business is the creation of new business designs by blurring the digital and physical worlds.”

Digital Business deals with the interaction between products, people, and business. It is a strategic concept that uses both physical and digital resources to build a competitive advantage in the digital space. It is a methodology rather than a resource by itself.

Digital business aims to create value, improve revenue and growth, and accelerate the performance of the organization. Thus, for an organization to undergo digital transformation, it needs digital business.

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What is Digital Business?

Explore new business models

Participate in the digital transformation of the organization

Develop platform mobility of a brand

Increase collaboration between teams as well as customers

Simplify business processes

Become more competitive in the market

Improve productivity and efficiency of teams

BMS in Digital Business

The BMS course in Digital Business involves cross-functional training in three distinct but interrelated domains of the digital space – web technologies, digital creation, and business. HETIC endeavours to transform you into a digital leader by instilling the managerial skills of an entrepreneur and the operational skills of an intrapreneur.

The course, one of the best BMS courses in Bangalore, is aimed at successfully inducting students into the corporate world. Each student systematically applies the skills and expertise gained through intensive sessions, real web services, and the development of a business plan.

Course Duration:3 years | Full-time

Eligibility:Class 12 (any stream) securing at least 50% marks

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HETIC was designed as first and foremost a living entity, which, in order to grow, had no other choice than to continuously adapt to uncertain changes in the world. The aim of HETIC is to train experts capable of anticipating change and have the ability to adapt and react accordingly. In order to acquire this particular skill, a comprehensive and cross-disciplinary approach is essential, notably in three distinct but interrelated fields – Technology, Design, and Business & Management. After spending more than 15 years building the best school in the digital field that currently exists in Europe, graduate students from HETIC are now being pursued and hired by the biggest digital companies around the world, including Google, Amazon, Facebook, UBER, etc.

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