HETIC Kicks-off the New Year with a Sumptuous Lunch

Hetic India

It’s boring if all your college has to offer is books, studies, exams, and discipline. No one wants to study in a place where you have to fear your teachers and worry about the curriculum all the time.

HETIC has flipped the switch!

At HETIC, we believe that students need to be treated as professionals first. Their training here is not limited to classrooms, but beyond it. There’s more to learning than being cooped-up at the campus. We want them to break free of their inhibitions and be comfortable with their peers and themselves.

With this in mind, the students of HETIC along with our Dean headed to Zone by The Park at Infantry Road, Bengaluru for an exciting afternoon of lunch and drinks (non-alcoholic, of course).

The lunch was also a nice icebreaker for our new Dean, Mr. Lalit Ojha, who joined the HETIC team about 2 months ago.

The playful interiors of the hotel and the festive mood eased everyone. It was less of a lunch with the Dean and more of a light and fun party. There were no discussions about the syllabus or exams or Digital Business or anything serious. It was all about getting to know each other better.

HETIC is more than a college for Digital studies; it is a place where you can realise your dreams. The Bachelor in Management Studies syllabus covers all aspects of the digital space, equipping you with essential business and management skills. Besides this, there are a lot of exciting off-class and off-campus activities that you can be a part of.

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