HETIC’s Technology Pioneers!

Hetic's Technology pioneers

Dr. Arun Khatri, our star HOD at HETIC, French School of Digital Leadership, is a pioneer in the field of Fintech and Digital Transformations.

We are incredibly proud of his research paper on Systematic Literature Review on Blockchain Adoption in Banking, published by PressAcademia.

Dr. Arun Khatri shared a few words with us on his recent publication, “This paper brings together the research work published in several reputed databases, in the hope of motivating more active engagement by academicians, researchers and bankers alike. A comprehensive review of the blockchain adoption in banking to date and across the geographic areas is presented as a result of an extensive review of the literature.”

We are extremely proud of HETIC’s mentors, and they genuinely are the technology pioneers of tomorrow! Our students are exposed to diverse educational resources and not just sticking to textbooks and classrooms.

Learning-by-doing is another distinguishing feature of HETIC’s unique French Pedagogy! To know more about HETIC’s specialized UG and PG programs, click the link in the bio.

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