How to be a Web Designer?

Digital Business

Not all websites are created equal. Hence, the type of design varies according to the requirement of each client, the message they’re trying to convey, and their individualistic tastes. There are mainly three types of website layouts, where each layout has a specific purpose.

Types of web design

  • – Fixed layout: In a fixed design, the components of the website have fixed dimensions. Though a fixed-design website is easy to create and customize, it isn’t the most user-friendly of designs.
  • – Fluid layout: Here, the design adjusts itself to the browser’s width and height. Unlike fixed design, the components in fluid design use percentages rather than a set dimension.
  • – Responsive layout: The aim of responsive design is to ensure the website is easy to read and navigate on a number of different devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
    Web designers do not work on specific layout designs i.e. you do not have designers who specialize only in fixed layout designs or single page designs. A web designer focuses on the visual appeal of the website, irrespective of the type.

What subjects should you study?

Web design covers an array of areas in which you can specialize, some of which include, graphic design, interface design, UI/UX design, search engine optimization, and much more. Depending on the area you choose, the subjects you study will vary. It is, however, important that you be proficient in languages and applications such as HTML/HTML5, CSS, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, PHP, etc. as they are most commonly used in web design.

How much can you make?

Web development, besides being a creative and exciting career path, tends to be quite lucrative as well. The average salary for a web designer in India is approximately INR 2,30,000. The pay ranges between INR 1,03,034 (for entry-level roles) and INR 4,97,854 (for senior-level positions). Experience plays a huge role in the amount of salary you make. Statistics show that salary is almost 161% more for experienced web designers compared to their entry-level colleagues.

HETIC’s role in your progress

If you want to become a web designer par excellence or an all-round web designer and developer or want to start your own web design company, HETIC will help you achieve that goal. HETIC’s 3-year BMS in Digital Business provides a complete understanding of what it takes to succeed as a web designer in the digital space.

The way forward

Web designers are highly creative and meticulous individuals, but the role can hit a plateau after a while. Many web designers move onto the development side after a while. Having both design and development skills is a huge asset in the digital world. It means that you can, not just conceptualize, create, develop, and design web pages, but also ensure they are functional as well. You can also choose your niche with graphic design, interface design, UI/UX design, etc., and proceed further up.

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