How to Become a Digital Planner?

Digital Business

A Digital Planner is in-charge of advertising campaigns, from their design to their final introduction in various media, namely press, television, radio, digital, or display. They define the best strategy to adopt for a product and the most lucrative, according to the objectives determined by their clients.

The Functions of a Digital Planner

A Digital Planner is responsible for analyzing the opinions of consumers to identify areas of interest that have the potential to become future trends.

Research and attention on a few sites will be ahead of the competition. They are required to focus on strategic locations where debates around various novelties are most often held. This web expert is, therefore, an indispensable part of the business.

Their findings allow marketing teams to be informed to set up a good way of visibility on the web. Thanks to these trends, designing products that meet expectations will offer a positive image. They will contribute to the digital development of the company in which they operate and oversee the advertising campaigns they increasingly target.

Digital Planners are therefore direct intermediaries with media agencies on the web. They are also called Media Planners.

The Skills of a Digital Planner

A Digital Planner must have a sense of innate curiosity, which allows him/her to make new discoveries every day. He/she must also have good general knowledge and be aware of all news and progress to anticipate innovations that will work with consumers.

The Digital Planner must also have an exceptional sense of responsiveness and analysis since he/she must be able to discern which products will work and which ones have disadvantages.

The Salary of a Digital Planner

For an entry-level Digital Planner, the salary can vary between €1,500 and €2,000 gross per month. For an experienced professional, this amount can amount to €6,500 per month.

Accessible Trainings

To be able to take up this profession, you have to integrate into a school that delivers curricula combining knowledge of the web and communication skills. The preferred courses for this role are bac+5 in marketing, business, management, or communication. They can also opt for a training called MBA bac+5 specialized in Media Strategies and Planning Digital, developed especially for the profession of a Digital Planner.

It is also possible to take up this role with a 3- or 4-year diploma, although in this situation, an experience of one or two years is often required. Some people can also access this position through continuous training.

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