Imparting Digital Skills to youth: Collaborative endeavour of Microsoft India and Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship

Microsoft has been at the forefront of empowering the youth in India with future ready skills.
In a more recent dialogue, Microsoft has signed a MoU with the Directorate General of Training (DGT), Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) to train students and educators at government-led Industrial Training institutes (ITIs) and National Skills Training Institutions (NSTIs).

In this one of its kind collaboration, Microsoft is offering a wide range of courses that includes the likes of AI, cloud computing, web development and cybersecurity skills to close to 6,000 students and 200 faculty members. As mentioned on their own website News section dated June 2023.

Microsoft is known for their commitment to impart digital skills and their focus on education. Their university and college collaborations are well-known across globe for building unique AI Digital labs. All ensuring that students are not simply successful learners but also find meaningful employment.

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This commitment from Microsoft to equip India’s youth with essential skills for the growing digital age is considered a significant step forward that sets the stage for transformative education in government-led institutions. Let’s understand how this helps and the impact of it:

Varied course offering to broaden horizons

This synergy goes beyond the conventional and traditional courses – its building a range of diverse courses designed to empower the youth – the next generation. It includes vital domains such as AI, cloud computing, web development and cybersecurity – skills necessary for the digital era we are living in. This partnership is poised to touch the lives of close to 6000 students and 200 faculty members having them future ready and fostering a robust ecosystem of skill development.

Imparting industry relevant and sought after skills to enhance career opportunities

The focal point of this partnerships is to empower the youth with industry-relevant skills and have them delve deep into the realms of AI and ML learning, web development concepts and how technology integrates into it, cloud computing and essence of cybersecurity across sectors.
This will aid to enhance the employability quotient and connect the students to relevant job opportunities.

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Industry based holistic learning

Going beyond the traditional classroom learning, students will have opportunities to learn from industry experts, gain perspective from projects and engage in session with leaders while working on multifaceted projects. This is essentially immersive learning that will prepare the students for real-world challenges and enable them to seamlessly transition from classroom to boardrooms and industry working situations.

Engaging and empowering educators

A wide impact is only possible when educators and teachers are empowered with right tools and skills. This collaboration has a focus to empower the educators with a Train-the-Trainer workshops concept wherein they will gain knowledge of technical aspects along with essential soft skills-based learning. This will help the knowledge to disseminate ensuring that educators are able to impart these skills further to students especially students undergoing computer operator and programming assistant training.

The growing need of cybersecurity in out digital era

There is no doubt how essential cybersecurity is in digital age and this collaboration expands CyberShikshaa programme. The focus is on imparting from basic to intermediate cybersecurity skills to the students and educators to 10 NSTIs with a particular focus on women skill empowerment.
This is a direct contribution to building a safer and more responsible digital ecosystem.

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Career: Skill learning and Placements

This collaboration aims to ensure that not only skills are imparted but also ensures that successful learners are able to find meaningful employment through placements that are facilitated by DGT, collaboration with recruitment agencies and statewide job fairs.

Jean-Philippe Courtois, executive vice president and president, National Transformation Partnerships, Microsoft, said, “Empowering India’s youth with digital skills is crucial to building economic resilience and ensuring a brighter future for all. We are pleased to collaborate with DGT to train the country’s youth with the skills to succeed in today’s digital economy. Together, we can build an inclusive future for the young leaders of tomorrow and unlock the full potential of the country’s workforce through this sustainable flywheel of skilling and employment.”

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With Microsoft’s unwavering commitment to education in India with its range of collaborations with educational institutions and organizations, they are offering a diverse range of educational resources, tools and programmes for the youth and young professionals. With their skill-building collaboration they are focused on:
> Digital literacy
> Technical skills
> Employability enhancement

All contributing to building a digitally empowered and skilled workforce with a future-ready skill set in our dynamic and rapidly evolving world offering inclusive and equitable access to quality education.

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