Occupational integration

Employment Support

HETIC encourages active involvement of the corporate world. There are many partner companies, involved in the engineering training and the professionalization of the students. HETIC develops privileged relationships with them, and organizes several events throughout the year, such as competitions, hackathon, educational projects, etc. This offers many opportunities to our students to be noticed by their future employers.

  • 644 graduates since HETIC was founded

    Our graduate alumni, who now occupy positions of responsibility in different companies, are a tremendous asset to us. Currently, there are several hundred of them present in all industrial and tertiary sectors.

  • Our graduates are our ambassadors

    Our graduate alumni, who are now in positions of responsibility, are present in all industrial and tertiary sectors across the world. They are involved in the training and frequently offer internships or jobs to HETIC students. These are opportunities for our current students to build relationships for their future professional careers.
    The companies, on the other hand, save significant time for recruiting their future collaborators.

  • Graduates on every continent

    Thanks to the growing network of HETICians and their expertise, it is no longer unusual to see our students do their 3rd year internships abroad at global agencies and companies, such as BeReel, Twitter , Facebook, etc.

  • Rise in graduate salaries

    Our annual monitoring of the career trajectories of our graduates shows us that on an average, the salary of a HETICians rises by about 10% per year. We have also observed over the years that our graduates get placed in management positions.

  • Guaranteed internship

    98% of our students get placed even before the end of their studies. The remaining 2% secure placement within two months of the end of the course. These 2% students are often on the look-out for a very specific position, which may take a little longer than their classmates. Sometimes, a student may even decide to travel the world before taking up a work position.