Corporate Relations

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Corporate Relations

Ensure a job in the Internet domain to all its graduates.

  • More than 1000 partner companies

    Since the very first batch, our students have completed more than 1500 internships in more than a thousand different companies in France as well as internationally. Every day, more than a dozen internship offers, professional contracts or recruitment ads for our students are placed on our site. Consequently, our students now have the luxury of being able to choose the company, agency or advertiser they want to work with, and create their position within the enterprise.

  • Encouraging Entrepreneurship

    While only 0.5% of young graduates from French Grandes Écoles set up a company, they stand well above the 10% in a school specializing in digital. Following the example of HETIC, the very first school to train young people for Internet-related careers, which has seen the number of budding entrepreneurs climb to 13%. "Frenchweb

  • Business Projects

    Since the inception of HETIC in 2002, students have handled more than a thousand projects, including nearly 200 projects on behalf of Synerg'hetic, which enables them to be remunerated. The progress of each project is closely monitored by François Pumir - an AMOA consultant and project manager at HETIC - with daily e-mails, regular appointments and weekly reports. A resource and project management tool, as well as an extranet allows companies to have access to all project-related documents. Each project is finally presented to a jury of professionals to judge its quality.

Feedback from companies

  • Charly Meignan
    Charly Meignan

    Technical director

    Dorian showed sufficient skills and showed great professionalism in the implementation of the sites. He has good interpersonal skills. He adapted very easily to our team and was motivated and willing. He has been very independent, while showing the curiosity and desire to learn from other developers. He can already manage projects autonomously, especially during missions longer than the duration of the internship. He is particularly good at structuring his work in order to adapt to the complexity of large projects.

  • Philippe Blanc
    Philippe Blanc

    Founder & CTO

    Adrian's skills were more than sufficient. He was able to work alone and independently on large-scale projects. He may be considered to work on larger projects as part of well-supervised assignments, with better management follow-up, and working in teams. I was very satisfied with Adrian and I will be ready to take him on an assignment anytime or hire him!

  • Paul Greeff
    Paul Greeff

    Lead Strategist

    Val has a well-rounded understanding of both the design thinking as well as the technical development aspects of digital project. Consequently, I feel he could indeed take on greater autonomy and accompanying responsibilities. I think that HETIC is a fantastic program, creating highly skilled young graduates. We would definitely like to have HETIC's students in the future…