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Our graduate students are working as Internet, Web and Multimedia professionals


DA and Motion Designer

“With limited graphics skills and a rather poor palate where I mixed purple with orange, I joined HETIC in 2008 with the ambition of becoming a Project Manager." But the role models at the school and a psychologically disastrous internship as Project Manager pushed me to persist in this career and to work with Photoshop on trackpad, unfortunately for Martin Charpentier! I did my apprenticeship at OWNI as an interactive designer. Then last year, I realized that I wanted to make videos, and more precisely motion design, I made my first show reel and3 weeks later, I landed a job as a DA / motion designer at Biborg. I worked with a fabulous team, where human being and quality were the two key words. Within 2 years, I was working for brands such as Playstation, Warner, Disney, etc. Then in 2013, I took off to Asia, where I travelled for 4 months. In Sydney, I started working as a freelance Motion designer.”
After graduating, Elsa left for Australia where she worked as a Motion Designer.

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