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HETIC is proud to launch our latest new-age program, MBA in Digital Business. This program will help students emerge into well-rounded professionals ready to take up challenges of the industry in diverse areas from retail to manufacturing to the service sector. The combination of subjects is designed to instill a multidisciplinary approach and thus train students to take up the mantle in global businesses. The program will equip the students to develop into top-notch professionals or entrepreneurs in their chosen area.

There will be active support from HETIC School of Digital Leadership, our parent school, a reputed Technology and Digital Business institute located in Paris. This will include pedagogic assistance throughout the program.

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Need and Scope of the Program

The specific need of the Master of Business Administration in Digital Business program (MBA-DB) is to fulfill the gap in the market for graduate professionals, who are employment-ready in India as well as globally. The scope of this program encompasses all Technical, Management, Design, and humanities aspects of Digital Business.

The program intends to prepare students to undertake work opportunities in organizations and governmental bodies undertaking digital transformation by leveraging the power of emerging digital technologies (including setting up their enterprise) to design, develop, and deliver products and services – faster, cheaper, and better.

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A student graduating from the program and having undergone a relevant internship with a company undergoing a digital transformation – and even as a business leader – is not expected to be an expert in the depth of each technology, but should have developed the necessary acumen to know how applying different technologies could challenge the existing business model of the company – altering the sources of revenue and shifting the sources of profits. The need is for a shift in mindset from understanding how digital technologies support the current business to examining how they could also shape the future strategy and business model.

Program Highlights


  • Practical Approach: As part of the program, students will have access to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Labs, Design Labs, IoT and Robotics Labs, and a Young Entrepreneur Space that is being set up on-premises. All of these initiatives are aimed at ensuring students acquire hands-on skillsets while developing managerial mindsets.
  • On-campus Projects: Students will be provided real-life projects from the institute to solve business problems using technology and design thinking. These projects will help students develop an end-to-end perspective.
  • Industry Practitioners as Faculties: Students will be exposed to the latest trends in business and technology through close interaction with industry professionals. These professionals will also play a mentoring role for students.

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  • Live Industry Projects: Replicating the model of Synergetic, live projects will be sourced from the industry and students will work on these projects under the guidance of faculty.
  • Continuous Internships: Apart from summer internships, students will be a part of virtual/remote internships at various organizations during the academic year. These internships will be led by the respective organizations offering the internships.
  • Industry Competitions and Visits: Students will participate in industry competitions conducted from time to time. The objective of this exercise is to gauge the performance of students relative to the industry and current trends. Individual- and program-level corrective actions will be devised based on these outcomes.

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  • Faculty from Parent Institute: Faculty from Paris would be visiting the campus for workshops and courses. They will ensure that the course content and pedagogy from HETIC, Paris is replicated in India.
  • Project Collaborations: Students from India will collaborate with students from HETIC, Paris on projects. The delivery teams will consist of students from both locations working on common projects.

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Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the MBA in Digital Business, graduates should be able to:

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the global Digital Business ecosystem.
  • Demonstrate analytical skills, concerning dynamics of digital business with emphasis on Technology Management, Automation, and IoT, Digital Marketing as well as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Apply business and technical knowledge to achieve and maintain market leadership positions in the Digital Business space.
  • Exhibit assessment and design skills for research, promotion, and communication strategies within the Digital Business ecosystem.

The admissions team is always ready to answer questions or guide applicants through the application process. Join the new-age program in MBA Digital Business and catapult your career in Digital Business with HETIC.


Admissions are open

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