Martech trends of 2022

It has been a year of accelerated adoption of technology in the marketing sector. Emerging technologies are a key factor in making digital and cloud technology adoption faster and quicker. Brands continue to turn towards technological solutions in their daily marketing efforts that aids them to have more efficiency in results. This is what Martech is – the use of technology and tech solutions in daily marketing efforts. Martech is critical for businesses today to keep up with the dynamic changes in the industry and to keep track of changes in consumer behaviour. Leading Martech trends of 2022 that will also continue towards 2023 are:

Hyper-personalization and Micro-moments

Thanks to the internet, social media, and sophisticated technologies, we have immediate access to audience perception of products, ads, buying behaviour and actions. This has helped us to predict what consumer behaviour can lead towards. Allowing us to further identify micro-moments – which are a brand’s micro time capsule to make the sale. This can be done via hyper-personalization and using various modes of communication methods. Take for instance that you booked your ticket for a vacation in Goa and just arrived in Goa and brands like Make My Trip or immediately take the opportunity to send you a list of top 10 restaurants or hotels to stay at.

This trend is capturing the right moment and offering the right information that leads to an action/ sale. Consumers are seeking relevant and immersive experiences that brands can now offer them via Martech to further strengthen their relationship.

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Wearable tech Integration

Martech would be failing miserably if they did not factor in wearable technology. With smart wrist watches, AR/VR devices to multiple wearable tech options for athletes and patients, this integration in Martech allows for brands to serve highly targeted advertising and build customer connections with a targeted approach. Imagine you are about to drive past a McDonalds and get a notification on your smart watch about an offer to eat at McDonalds.

Integration of wearable tech offers marketers an opportunity to build campaigns that are reaching customers at the right time in the right place. It’s also a critical element in search engine optimization considering its voice command function becoming a norm among customers. If a brand is seeking to increase their conversion rate – this one trend is bound to grow exponentially and needs to be adopted immediately.

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Blockchain for digital marketing

Blockchain has built many new opportunities for the marketing experts to enter new sectors along with effectively capturing their existing marketplaces. Brands should start familiarizing how this key technology of Blockchain will impact their overall marketing activities.

With its great success in finance, health and supply chain management, the marketing sector is the new ‘it’ sector for the Blockchain to take over. Blockchain in digital marketing can help marketers to use tools that are able to offer a transformative protocol with features like real-time tracking and campaign audits. Blockchain’s unique open and shared nature helps to prevent the pay-per-click frauds on the clicks and traffic. It brings in increased and improved transparency, a better and secure operational running and a reduced concern for consumers, brands and marketers about reduction in their privacy.

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Mixed reality use in Martech

The increase in availability of affordable VR headsets, localization of virtual showrooms, VR adoption increasing in various market sectors including e-commerce, real estate, furniture design, hardware and furnishing stores, decorative items and more is making this a hot trend of the year 2022.

With metaverse on our doorstep and the interconnected digital realities seeking to take off and AR, VR and MR being heavily employed across brands in their communication campaigns already reflects how marketers are seeking to gain advantage and connect with audiences in innovative ways.

Experts say AR will continue to grow considering how it offers brands an ability to offer virtual try-ons – adding to their sales number and convincing customers to sit at home and invest in a particular product without much effort to reach the store, find the product and bring it home.

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AI driven marketing solutions

AI has been a part of marketing for a while with Facebook and Google ads. It’s part of the tech that offers smart marketing solutions with real potential. AI is expected to grow more sophisticated and continue to offer crucial data points – even more precise and unique- to help brands improve their customer service, customer reach, prediction of customer behaviours and even smarter interactions with new customers via Chatbots.

This will especially make a lot of difference in social media tools where data analytics offer critical information to marketers to act on what time works best for post, what kind of audience responds to your particular type of content amongst other aspects.

Metaverse to our life after the end of cookies – these are all trends in Martech 2022 that are going to continue to become more niche, more specific, more transparent, more safer and secure and more widely used across sectors in their specific marketing efforts.

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