Two years! That is how long it took to execute the most ambitious project carried out so far at HETIC. An entirely immersive experience in 2D and 3D real time with the aim of following the unique adventure of a skipper through the Vendée Globe: Tanguy de Lamotte.

Moving beyond the limits of the 3D Web

How to animate the world’s seas and the adventure of a man with a big heart as if we were there? How can one feel the spray, the waves as high as a building, the exhilarating speed and the total sensation of solitude? This was a challenge for all of us. Here was a challenge that was worth taking up!

Two years can be both long and short. So many things are possible in the field of WebGl experiments that it is always difficult to tell yourself that the project must have an end. In the end, we take a step back and look at the result with a special feeling, that of good work because we like what we do.

A human adventure

During this period, we had the time to work on a complete project. Whether on the visualization of the race in 2D or in 3D, everyone has succeeded in finding a place and fitting into a project that has moved beyond the simple framework of the web. With our comrades of the 3D cluster, we were able to work with models of the boat and the skipper Tanguy de Lamotte. Full of beautiful things that allowed us to discover a world that we could never have otherwise imagined, with challenges that were very different from those we are used to. It would, however, be a shame to limit oneself to the challenges of 3D and the Web. It is above all a human story. We had to work with more than twenty people and make sure that everyone could give the best of themselves. Two years! It involved transferring the work done to a new team, and implied new ways of looking at the project and new skills ready to tackle this unprecedented experience.

‘If you want to build a boat, do not gather your men and women to give them orders, to explain every detail, to tell them where to find everything. If you want to build a boat, give birth to the desire of the sea in the heart of your men and women.’

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


What is the use of a project of such magnitude? What is the scope of such a complex piece of work? First and foremost, it is the desire of a customer that behoves us to achieve with the same passion that we have for our own projects. Whether in terms of optimization or in terms of user experience, the website built with Initiatives Coeur demonstrates the best of what can be done. Between the tasks executed by all the students of the various branches at HETIC, we experienced one of the biggest projects that can exist in the big Web agencies.

Working on projects of such magnitude goes beyond the mere fulfilment for a client, it represents a step, a global accomplishment offered by HETIC.


Tomorrow, the students will complete their project by seeking to go beyond the limits of today, and the ones following them will surpass them again. With Initiative Coeur we proved that HETIC is a 3D Web school and also a school of life, where every student can carve his/her niche and prove to the world that s/he has something unique to create from his emotions, experience and passion for things well done.

Carrying out a project of this magnitude is more than a question of knowledge and skills; fervour, enthusiasm and collaboration, these are the real assets of a creator today and tomorrow. Knowledge is a useful tool when passion comes into play. And there is only one thing that will never change at HETIC - it's the students' passion for what they do.