Just a few weeks after they start school, we interacted with the classes, especially the newcomers at HETIC, to find out if everything was as promised. Some of them have already studied elsewhere, while others are coming straight after their Class 12.


Reorganising Programs

Student expectations are high. They want to learn, learn fast and learn a lot. Keeping this in mind, every summer we review the entire program for each course, to ensure that they are perfectly adapted to the needs of the market, as well as satisfy the students. This is the reason why overhaul the programs in collaboration with our students and our many partner companies.

The reorientations

We are seeing an increasing number of young people wanting to reorient themselves to the professions of the Web. Some have completed a course and wish to work in the field of Internet, as in the case of Olivia, who is seen in the video. She has just completed a double graduation and is joining the 2nd year of the Grande École program.
Others want to reskill because the courses they are doing do not match their expectations.
We welcome, once again, this year’s students of BTS, DUT, business schools, engineers, etc. who wish to move towards studies entirely devoted to the Internet and the Web.

Integrate the world of work ... fast!

Many reorienting students have a preference for our Bachelor Web and Bachelor Web Marketing programs. The common thread running between all the students who join these programs is their need for high skills that will help them to start working very quickly. This is exactly what these two web-oriented and Web marketing courses offer, with an entry in the corporate world from the 2nd year for the Bachelor Web, and in the 3rd year for the Bachelor Web marketing.

The first years of these two courses are very intense to ensure gaining expertise and solid methodologies that will help the students be pro-active for the companies that will offer internships at the end of year. Thereafter, the year (s) of work-study structure of the program will consolidate the work experience, as well as the skills in the classrooms at HETIC.


Watch these videos where students express their opinions about the school and their studies of the Web environment.