Bill Gates visit to India: How it will impact digital business in India

Indian Telecom and IT minister Ashwini Vaishnaw has been noted to mention 2023 as a landmark year for India and mentioned that the digital technology has come of age. He goes on to mention that India has built a unique framework for its digital economy that is focused on making a difference in people’s lives….

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What is chat GPT and why is it trending

A human-like AI chatbot has been the talk of social media over the past few weeks. Developed by the AI research company Open AI, Chat GPT has been now taking over the internet. The rise of chatbots and virtual help assistants over the past few years has been possible all thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI)…

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Vernacular SEO: Unexplored way of increasing traffic to your website

A number of reports globally have mentioned that more than half of all the online searches done are in a language other than English. What does this mean for digital brands that aim to target a section of potential customers in an area that speaks multiple languages – a great example of this is a…

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Top in-demand jobs in digital businesses, 2023

From the front-facing digital marketing specialists’ positions to the backend developers and cybersecurity experts, there are plenty of jobs in the digital business kitty to offer. Content becoming king, literally, there is so much to explore within the digital marketing domain and what is empowering it more are the tools and software’s – all thanks…

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Leading 2023 trends in cybersecurity

A growing and increasingly adopted concept across organizations, cybersecurity is a way of safeguarding our networks and devices from external attacks. The need for cyber security specialists is on a bullish trend and is only looking more hopeful. Companies are hiring experts and cyber security companies to secure their secret and highly confidential trade information…

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Future of crypto currency

With a volatile trading market starting in 2023, cryptocurrency traders are surely encountering a rough span of time. Despite the gloomy development over the past few months in the sector, many financial leaders have come in support of crypto currency to be the best financial tool of the next generation and for the growing digital…

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Brands leading IoT wearable devices 2023

Wearable tech trends are expanding by the day going beyond just smartwatches and 2023 looks like a year of many new just wearables entering the market segment. These are smart rings, air-purifying masks to hearables – it’s all already in our surroundings and niche segments – but about to expand, grow with wider range of…

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Women lead climate tech start-ups to know

Climate change is no new news for our world and many sectors are all hands on to help fight it. Many climate-tech start-ups are focused on building practices across sectors that are eco-friendly, sustainable and less dependent on the depleting resources of our planet. In this climate tech space, the role of female entrepreneurs has…

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Tech Les Faits

Apple has sold over 1 billion iPhones and has filed more than 200 patents related to iPhone technology. Apple started as a tablet project and finally ended up as an Apple device with multitouch functionality.

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Part two: Achieving UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) with digitization

The global interconnectedness via the internet and spread of communication technologies has offered humans a great deal of potential to achieve and accelerate their own growth + the overall society growth. These technologies are helping to bridge the digital divide and aid in the development of knowledge societies. Our previous article featured how these communication…

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