MBA After BCA: Is It a Good Option to Do?

In today’s competitive job market, new graduates seem to be considering about the possibility of engaging in further studies in order to enhance their position in the work field. While MBA is a rewarding degree to pursue, one must consider all the aspects including individual career goals, financial and personal circumstances. In this blog, we’ll…

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How to Become a Digital Marketer (2024 Guide)

Introduction In the digital society that we live in today, a marketer’s job has been drastically transformed from its former position. There is no longer a need for the monopolization of marketing channels by traditional marketing methods. Now everything has been transformed into digital marketing, which is a perfect industry for those who are tech…

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Top Industries That Benefit Most From Data Analytics Management

Innovation and disruption are keywords for success in today’s tech-driven business landscape. Businesses are investing aggressively to harness data and use it to identify gaps for product innovations. Data has become pivotal for businesses to build efficient operations, reduce costs, increase their profits, develop innovations, and enhance user experiences. Data analytics helps businesses develop optimized…

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Digital Marketing Course Vs MBA in Digital Business: Which Option to Choose?

In this increasingly fast-paced world of business and marketing, the digital space is a transformational factor that determines the way businesses connect with their consumers. If digital marketing is your passion and you want to carve a niche for yourself, then the critical question is should you sign-up for a digital marketing course or an…

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What is a Typical MBA Program Curriculum?

The decision to pursue an MBA in today’s rapidly changing business and management environment is a big step for those who want to get ahead in their careers. Built in at the heart of every MBA program is its carefully developed curriculum that is viewed as a blueprint intended to empower students with the vital…

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What Is Digital Business? Introduction, Benefits, Examples

Introduction Technology today is all about digital; it is the essence of development, promising a future of trend-setters in which sectors, economies, and societies will be restructured beyond human imagination. What makes the shift in the concept of digital business happen? A distinctive worldview that rises above the boundaries of traditional rules in a way…

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Top 5 Global Sustainable Technology Companies

We are surrounded by a plethora of devices, software, and applications. Each poses a different set of challenges in sustainability. With conscious consumerism on the rise and the global environmental impact, brands are innovating to design energy-efficient hardware and components. Leveraging technology to optimize resource utilization and reducing energy consumption. Leading to sustainable technology implementation…

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Digital Marketing Trends: Rise of Smart Devices and Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart devices have become catalysts transforming how we interact in our living space. With the continuous growth in technology, we are living in the era of smart homes, intelligent vehicles, smart appliances, smart workspace, and more. They offer an array of benefits simplifying our daily life activities. Smart devices have an inherent nature to relate…

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What is Digital Portfolio? Definition, Importance

Digitization has spread to every aspect of our lives. We no longer need printed resumes and physical copies of our portfolio. Many digital platforms are shaping the digital portfolio revolution. Offering immersive and engaging tools to build an online portfolio that is easy to build and share. Creating, designing, or sharing a digital portfolio has…

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Digital Technology Trends for 2024

Our organizational structures today are defined by the digital tools we utilize to manage our business operations. As automation in systems becomes a general practice, investing in the right digital solutions has become imperative. Businesses are investing in digital tools to maintain a pulse on market innovations and give their products a competitive edge. Each…

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