By December, many people realize that they are not in the right place. The course they have chosen is not like what they imagined. There could be a host of reasons. Maybe the preparatory classes are too abstract or the training not up to the mark.

Is it too late to join HETIC in December ?

This is the most frequently asked question. And the answer is – NO, it is never too late to find what you are actually wanting to do, and December is the ideal time to follow a new road! And it is collectively that we ensure that the late enrolments are a success. Over the years, we have developed processes and tools so that newcomers can have a quick access to all the courses taught since the beginning of the school year. Colibri, a collaborative note-taking tool created by Kévin Tan, allows everyone to have all of these courses marked and validated by students.

What are the steps?

It's simple. It is very important to us that you decide on your new choice and validate every step calmly. First of all, make an appointment with Mr. Chomel, so he can explain yo tou how HETIC functions, its challenges, the different courses, and you can clarify your expectations.

In which case, it is expected that you devote one or more days in complete immersion in your future class to appreciate the premises, the lecturers, nature of the program and get to know your future colleagues, etc. These days of immersion are obviously free, with the sole aim of placing you in an actual situation so that your choice is as rational as possible. Following this, you will share your concerns with Mr. Chomel. The final decision will be taken together. It's not about making a quick decision, but making the right choice. As they say in Italian – ‘Festina lente’. Hurry slowly.

How long will it take?

Generally, students start attending classes the following week after immersion.


Clement, reorientation in HETIC ‘To start with, I quit my school 2 months after the beginning of the school year. I wanted to switch over because I did not like the atmosphere or the subjects. I wanted to do Web, but I only had 4 hours of general computing per week versus 12 hours of Math and 8 hours of Physics. In fact, the change of establishment was less difficult than I imagined, I was well received at HETIC, although it is not easy to join a class so late. I do not think I felt any great difficulty even though I must admit to being a little lost in the early days. But that feeling disappeared quickly. As they say, the first step is the most difficult and today I have found my niche!’ Clément Long, 2nd year, Grande École.