We talked in a previous article about the reactions of high school students to the results of APB. The latter has aroused the interest of our readers who have sent us many questions. Among them, one seemed perfect to be the subject of a new writing.

"Is it possible to do the APB procedure and at the same time pass tests or admissions to other schools?"

Although some will say it’s obvious, it is not necessarily so. Many high school students are not aware that they can appear for admissions to all schools that are not listed on the Admission Post Bac (Admissions after Class 12) without any risk for their APB procedure. This is obviously the case for our Web school.

The APB procedure starts in January of each year and high school students have until May to decide. The letters whether they are accepted or not start coming in, before the Class 12 exams. If a high school student is on the waiting list or if he is refused, he will have to wait until the second or third phase of the APB response at the end of June, to know what he will do next year.

At HETIC you can spend an admission day on any Wednesday or Friday and the answer will be given in just 7 days. From there, you can quietly continue your school year, assured that you have cleared the admission to HETIC.

Testimony of Mathilde

Mathilde is a high school student currently in Terminal S, and spent a day of admission at HETIC. Here is her testimony on how she proceeded between APB 2016 and admissions to the Internet school.

"Hello, my name is Mathilde, I am 19 years old. I am 2014 graduate of a Bacillus S, and in September I will join HETIC for 5 years. I enrolled on APB in Terminale, In order to be assigned in a BCPST (Biology) Prep. I carefully filled in my choices, in an order of preference, respected the dates and awaited the final result delivered by computer: only my 7th choice had been accepted. I remain convinced that some doors were closed for me, but I could have done well there.

And then last March, I passed the HETIC interview, after my file had been accepted. I wrote the test with complete confidence, all together in an unattended room. Some students already admitted into HETIC came to greet us and take us to eat. Later, in the afternoon was the decisive part of the admission procedure: the conversation with Mr. Chomel. The director, however, immediately put us at ease, picked up a few questions about our file and then made us talk about our journey, about us, about our dreams. We felt that he was really trying to find out who we really are, and not only judging through notes or assessments from professors. I really had a good conversation, and a few days later Mr. Chomel called me back to let me know that he would be delighted to have me at HETIC. A great moment of joy! "

How do admissions take place?

Denys Chomel explains everything in this short video of 3 minutes.