On June 8, 2016, the results of APB 2016 (Admission Post Bac) were out. For those who do not know APB, it is an online platform that allows high school students to indicate their choices from a list of available courses. Applications and files are then sent to the institutions before an algorithm decides whether or not these choices are acceptable. A lot has already been written about the strange way this algorithm works.

A few days ago, the APB mechanism has once again come out with its results for the high school students, and like every year there are many who are clearly not happy. Of the nearly one million students registered on the platform, only 48% have been admitted in courses of their ‘first’ choice. While some were directly accepted, others have been rejected for all their course choices.

Internet confirms the mood

On the Web and especially on Twitter (which is one of the social networks most used by high school students in France) the gamut of reactions is complete. From joy to rage to humour, countless users have "tweeted" about APB 2016.

Not being admitted or being on the waiting list can be extremely frustrating when it comes to orientation. Of the many students who enrol for our courses every year tell us the anxiety they experience when confronted with the question "what do you want to do later?" Add to it the time that students spend in choosing their path, it is understandable that a refusal makes you want to let go on Twitter.

The "generation of ‘98" has a sense of humour

The sarcastic messages denounce the disarray of these Internet users faced with the results of APB. You can see some tips such as "Angels 8 direction", "I'm accepted at Hogwarts" or "How to get rich without studies".


The APB response algorithm has frustrated many. A few days before the BAC (equivalent of Class 12) exams, its bad news with little time for the student find a way before the re-entries. Some schools have chosen not to be included in APB in order to remain independent of this system and to allow other methods of admission. But beware, using the two methods is in no way antagonistic, on the contrary! A high school student can follow his APB choices and apply for other schools in parallel.

Admission via human intervention

HETIC is not listed in APB. As a result, high school students can apply throughout their school year between November and September and receive a response to their admission in only 7 DAYS. A high school student can therefore pass his admission session in December, knowing that he has been accepted the following week, and quietly ending his school year without worrying about admissions.

Moreover, this method allows us to meet candidates face-to-face, discuss their career goals, their aspirations, and give them the opportunity to visit the school, meet the HETICians and decide if they envision themselves at HETIC. This is important, because we are talking here about guidance, studies, life choices and career. It is part of the philosophy of the school, that the human being is always at the centre of things. This applies to the admission process and every other aspect of the school.

Admissions are still open

It is possible to pass an admission session in June or July.
All dates are available on the Admissions page. You can also book a date directly.

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