Open Day at HETIC | November 17, 2019

Open Day at HETIC

As one of the top web schools in Paris, HETIC has set the benchmark for Digital education in France. In India, however, there is little to no knowledge about how the digital space can drastically turn one into a successful entrepreneur. At HETIC, there’s always enthusiasm about the amazing training, the awesome lectures, the expert French faculty, the industrial visits, and much more happening at the school. While we at HETIC know how eventful and exciting our days are, many do not.

The Open Day is HETIC’s way of showcasing the school to aspiring young entrepreneurs and their parents and giving them a taste of what it’s like to be a HETICian.

The Open Day for November was held on a Sunday owing to exams the previous day. We expected a small number of people to show up but were pleasantly surprised by the sheer volume that greeted us. There were many young design enthusiasts, some of whom were there with their parents. Entrepreneurship and Business are rarely encouraged by parents but the crow that came for HETIC was totally different. They were highly interested in knowing the more about HETIC’s BMS in Digital Business course , BMS Course and how it can help establish them as an entrepreneur.

HETIC regularly conducts Open Days to give prospective students and parents a closer look at the school. If you wish to participate in the next Open Day or want updates on our upcoming events, please send us an enquiry.

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