Student Life at HETIC

Life at HETIC is about precision, enthusiasm, and cohesion. Each student embodies this state of mind from the very first moment in the school, and thus becomes our ambassador.

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A day in the life of a HETICian

A typical day consists of two sessions of 3-hour classes from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the first two years. In the third and the fourth year, these sessions last for 4 hours and take place twice a day. Schedules are sent to students every Friday night. Courses are allocated in a proportionate manner between technology, creation and management. Students must all follow the same courses. The meeting between acquired skills and the student’s appetite will decide the expertise of the latter.

Intensive weeks: A team test

After a few weeks of classes, students must apply their knowledge and perfect their experience through projects that must be completed within very short deadlines. They have just 5 days between deciding the theme for the exercise and the presentation of their work before the jury, which comprises professionals. This is to teach them to do well, without having the time or the means to do so.

Oral examinations and part-time work

Students are graded throughout the year. There are term-end and oral examinations, oral defense (intensive weeks, calls for tender, projects, internships, etc.) and, of course, continuous checks. In the end, each student has a score which is the average of all the scores obtained in all these tests. To be admitted to a higher grade, it is imperative that this score be greater than 10, but also that the comportment of the student is in line with the spirit of HETIC.

Synerg’hetic customer projects and other projects

From the 3rd year, students work continuously on real projects with companies. Working as a team, they apply the lessons learned professionally in order to achieve the objectives defined by their client, just as they would in the world of work. This ‘learning by doing’ allows everyone to work in different areas. This is how aspiration turns into expertise. The projects can be pedagogical and supervised by lecturers or partners, from Synerg’hetic, our Junior-Enterprise. In this case, the students are paid for their work. This year, over € 101,000 was donated to students in Year 4.

Students at the core of the training

At the end of each year, our students evaluate the lecturers, the quality of the subjects taught and the functioning of the school during a meeting with the principal. As a result, the entire program is reviewed in terms of content and form, in order to improve the quality of the curriculum from one year to the next and to keep the students satisfied.

The world of work

After many tests and the years spent with us, students are ready to enter the job market. HETIC now works with more than 1,000 companies through projects, conferences or through internships and professional contracts carried out by our students. Thanks to the growing network of graduates, students have no difficulty in debuting into the world of work.

Live your passion abroad

At the end of each year, students undertake internships and leave for a period of 2 to 12 months depending on their course. From the 3rd year onwards, students do their internships abroad in countries such as United States, England, Germany, China, Australia, etc.

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