The campus

The campus is separated from the world whilst also being perfectly integrated in it. The classrooms, the hallways, and the offices are all carefully thought out so that students stay focused and are not distracted. As a whole, it is coherent, clean, tidy, reassuring and formal all at the same time.

The layout of each office is purposely designed to accommodate the influx of students. In the same way, we carefully allocate classrooms in order to encourage students to mix and exchange experiences. Each class has their own assigned classroom(s) for which they are responsible. There are spaces to work and meeting areas.

students role

Material and services

All classrooms have WiFi (1GB) access and each has a HD video projector, a white screen, a computer for professors (MAC or PC), and a white board. Furthermore, students have access to several internal technology tools such as:
- A project management tool
- An insertion management tool
- A pre-production server
- Accounts for Git/Github, Basecamp et Redmine
- Accounts for Apple On Campus and Microsoft Campus Program
- A Google Edu account
- A Adobe suite account

This is the minimal workspace startpack for students. They also have access to cameras, connected objects, mobile and tablette, video studio, if they ever need to create special contents, services or simply test their projects.

HETIC video studio in Paris
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