A constant drive to improve

Since its creation, HETIC was designed as first and foremost a living entity, which, in order to grow, had no other choice than to continuously adapt to uncertain changes in the world. Everything therefore has its importance, down to the smallest detail.

A state of mind

During the orientation, the Dean presents the entire curriculum to the students and conveys the HETIC school spirit: rigor, enthusiasm, cohesion. During this crucial presentation, everything that will happen in the year is voiced, and even more importantly, all that must be done during the year will be done!

Astonishingly, from the second day, new students behave as if they were part of HETIC for months - polite, courteous, and well behaved – which is always touching to see. Our high expectations are of course coupled with compassion and understanding, but this should be in no way mistaken for permissiveness. We also ask students to cultivate their sense of initiative. "Where there's a will, there's a way!"

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Students at the centre

At the end of every term and every year, we give students from each year group the opportunity to evaluate the tutors, the quality and usefulness of the subjects taught and the school’s teaching approach itself, through questionnaires and a meeting with the school’s director. These numerous communication opportunities allow us to be responsive in terms of adapting the program according to students’ needs and improving both the program and the services we offer year-on-year.

As a result, almost 30% of courses are removed from the program every year and replaced with more up-to-date topics.

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