Data Science

How Data Science optimizes Digital marketing? A recipe for success. 

  The past decade of emerging technologies has evolved the way we think of marketing and data collection. Innovative disruption all across sectors is widely based on data and its analysis to reach the potential customer base. Changing global markets, pandemic and wars have all heavily relied on data analytics for taking crucial decisions regarding…

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Digital Transformation

Brands leading Digital Transformation

Brands leading Digital Transformation  Embracing digitalization and adopting the latest of the technology advancements is exactly what Digital Transformation is about. Also known as DX or DT, it is the process of incorporating the latest IT trends into all areas of business resulting in creating new business processes, culture, customer experiences, new venues of profit…

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Pre Semester workshop 2021

Orientation Program for Batch 2021-24

The orientation program of BMS in Digital Business is an engaging and learning-oriented expansive program spanned across 3 weeks. This Pre Semester Workshop encompasses various programs mapped against the SAGE Model (Socializing, Associating, Governing, and Experiencing) and K-D-B Framework (Knowing, Doing, and Being). During the Orientation Program, our BMS students will have an immersive learning…

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Digital Disruption

How will Digital Disruption impact your career?

The impact of new digital technology and business models on established goods, services, systems, and structures is called digital disruption. Of course, this transformation does not occur overnight, but it is fair to argue that the impact of digital technology is growing at an exponential rate. The way streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu…

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HETIC, School of Digital Leadership

Disrupting the digital future today with HETIC. Explore our programs – BMS in Digital Business & MBA in Digital Business. Today, a company’s success is determined by its online presence. As a result, digital business is one of the most rapidly rising and in-demand modern industries. Our BMS in Digital Business and MBA in Digital…

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Emerging digital technology trends of the future

The world has moved to meet the demands of a new reality over the last 18 months, bringing with it a slew of unanticipated technological advancements. Are these developments, however, merely a byproduct of the pandemic, or are they here to stay? Artificial intelligence, e-commerce, and the Internet of Things had already established themselves on…

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The future of artificial intelligence – Emotion AI

The ability to feel many forms of ideas, expressions and sensations is a crucial quality of intelligent beings such as humans. Emotion is a vital component of the lives of biological creatures like animals and humans. The state of our existence might be jeopardized if we didn’t have emotion. We would most likely be threatened…

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Young global entrepreneurs – Gen Z – Movers & Shakers

Who doesn’t dream of success? Who doesn’t want to be successful? The majority of people feel that success comes from hard labor. While there is no alternative for hard effort, a little bit of creativity and smart work may go a long way. All you need is a brain capable of amazing thinking and the…

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Digital Transformation in the post COVID era

Digital technology is at the heart of today’s economic growth discussion.   While COVID-19 is undoubtedly accelerating the adoption of new technology, technical improvements have already altered the world over the last two decades, from living standards to the nature of our employment. Fears about robot-induced unemployment are on the rise, as robots and artificial intelligence…

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Coping With Pandemic & Exam Stress – Essentials Tips

Many students who had to make the abrupt switch to online studies when COVID-19 first appeared may feel as if they are hanging by a thread during this pandemic. And, as the virus continues to spread over the world, individuals who had intended to return to university may be dreading another semester of online lectures….

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